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Everyone recognized another stop word from Cherchesov: Karpin!

After the match with the Czech Republic in Rostov-on-Don, a local journalist asked the coach a boring question about Alexei Ionov: the coach kept in mind that the attacker played for Rostov when he threw it into the start. The coach replied that he did not take it into account. And then the most important moment of the press conference happened.

"And then another question," continued the journalist. – Valery Karpin said that recently, taking into account …

"We can not continue," Cherchesov replied.

– Thanks.

– Please.

Cherchesov does not like Karpin?

Or vice versa. They crossed in 2008 in "Spartacus", but worked together for less than a week. August 8, Karpin was appointed general manager, when the team was led by Cherchesov. On August 14 (after the departure from the Champions League) the coach was fired. Karpin then emphasized that he was fired on his initiative.

"The head coach was filmed and then no fans and I," the former CEO said later. – I left the club. As much as the fans would like, if the team went first, Dynamo defeated Kyiv twice – 5: 0 and 5: 0, Stanislav Salamovich would not be shot. Coaches always take the results, not something else. Of course I was worried about what was happening in the stands at the time. But this does not mean that the coach has been removed due to banners. I repeat: the trainer fires the results. Whichever coach is bad, no matter who he is unpleasant, if he has a result, nobody will ever take it. "

Valery Karpin at the presentation of Mikael Laudrup, 2008

The second time Karpin Cherchesova attacked when he paused for a coaching career and started a television career.

– And when we talk about understanding football? Have you played a lot with Stanislav Salamovich for the Russian national team and for Spartak? – asked Karpin about the air from the "Total Football" program on "Match TV".

– Once again … Understand football … You could understand it if you are next to Pyatnitsky, with Ledyakhov – in the middle of the field. And Cherchesov was in the gate – what kind of understanding is there? I did not know it at all. Same as now.

Karpin then declared to the "Championship" that he was misunderstood.

"I was asked a specific question about 1992. I replied that it was a mystery to me – how the goalkeeper sees and understands the game from the gate, because I have never played this position myself, I do not understand the game. questioned, "Karpin, who was the main commentator of the country, was justified.

Cherchesov himself has never openly discussed relations with Karpin. But after the random question from the Rostov journalist it is understandable: the national coach is also worried.

Photo: rfs.ru/Konstantin Rybin; RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev; Kommersant / Dmitry Lebedev

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