Emiliano Sala († 27): After death – police arrest pilot who has not even flown him – football


Arrest in the case of football professional Emiliano Sala († 27).

On January 21, the plane with the Argentinian and his pilot David Ibbotson (59) disappeared on the road from Nantes to Cardiff via the English Channel. It was not until the beginning of February that the wreck of the crashed Piper Malibu was found and the body of Sala was saved. Pilot David Ibbotson has disappeared to this day.

Now the English police confirmed that she had arrested a 64-year-old man in connection with the accident. Against him has been established on suspicion of negligent murder. In the meantime, the man was free again.

As the English media report, the man is the pilot David Henderson (64).

Henderson was planned as a pilot for the death flight. French newspapers had already reported his death after the crash because they had thought him aboard. As a result, Henderson contacted Facebook and stated that he was still alive.

Map: Airplane wreck found by footballer Sala - infographic

New: According to various newspapers, Henderson was said to have resigned eleven hours before the departure of the flight and allegedly "organized" Ibbotson as a new pilot.

Spicy: After the disaster was reported, Ibbotson probably had a private license, but no commercial flight permit, so no paying passenger like Sala should have been allowed to carry. Moreover, he had no permission for night flights, he was probably also color blind and also not familiar with the aircraft type …

Emiliano Sala was transferred from the French league from FC Nantes to Cardiff City. Had signed a contract with his new club two days before the accident.

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