Ed Orgeron celebrates the LSU championship with ham sandwich, recruiting

  • Ed Orgeron helped LSU complete a perfect season on Monday by winning the national college football championship over Clemson.
  • After the game, Orgeron told Scott Van Pelt of ESPN that he and his family were going to eat a ham sandwich and go to bed, saying they don’t like to go out.
  • Orgeron also said it would not be long until he returned to the recruiting circuit, saying he would make calls Monday night and go on the road on Friday.
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After winning the national college football championship, 42-25 over Clemson, Louisiana state coach Ed Orgeron had no big plans for its celebration.

Speaking with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, Orgeron, one of the most colorful characters in college football, explained what his night and his next days would be like.

“I took Kelly and my three children with me. We will probably go get a ham sandwich or maybe some boudin or something, we will go to bed, we will wake up tomorrow and we will do it again,” said Orgeron.

When Van Pelt pressed Orgeron on whether he was going to party in New Orleans, Orgeron closed it and said he and his family don’t like to go out.

“We’re just simple people,” he said. “We love our life. I love my family. My personal time with them is fair, we don’t go out, we don’t do things like that. We represent the state of Louisiana, so we’re excited.”

Orgeron also said he doesn’t plan to enjoy Monday’s victory for a long time, he plans to reach the recruiting circuit soon.

“I’m starting to recruit. I can’t wait. I will be on the phone tonight. There is a dead period, but on Friday morning, I will be on the road recruiting, bringing the next big crop of LSU Tigers players.”

Orgeron is now 40-9, having achieved a perfect season with the Tigers and one of the best seasons in the history of college football. The success of LSU this season should help them recruit some of the best talents in the country, bringing them to the atmosphere of the best programs in the country.

Of course, Orgeron and the Tiger are about to lose quarterback Joe Burrow in the NFL this season, so it seems that Orgeron won’t celebrate the 2019 season too long before returning to work.

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