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Disabled by PSG, Villefranche coach declares his controversial remarks – Football365

Posted on February 8, 2019 at 8:55 PM – updated on February 9, 2019 at 1:34 PM

Remi Farge

Villefranche coach Alain Pochat returned to his polemical remarks during the 8th finals of the Coupe de France against PSG Tuesday (0-3, ap).

On Tuesday-evening, the coach Villefranche made the rumors of reproaching PSG players easy to fall into the 8th finals of the Coupe de France between the two teams (0-3, ap). After a foul by one of his players, Alain Pochat was dragged along on the bank and the cameras fromEurosport have recorded his words: "We can not touch them, we'll see in Manchester if they're not brought up," he got angry, adding that Thierry Laurey was "right" in reference to the words of the coach from Strasbourg after the previous round of PSG in the competition, when Neymar turned out to be injured.

"We do not help them by keeping them permanently"

Afterwards the coach of Villefranche picked up his words and developed his thoughts in an interview with So foot. Even if the anger is low, Alain Pochat maintains his words and explains: "I fully agree that if there are attacks, we must punish them, not worry on that side, afterwards there are attitudes and pressure that they can exert. on the arbitrary body that can be irritated, he explains, I have nothing against PSG. (…) But when we are ready to play games in Manchester, when we see the intensity of the English championship, the consequences, we have to get used to it. We could see him in the first leg against Liverpool, maybe at the end we do not help them by keeping them permanently. Whether you like it or not, football is a duel sport, within the limit of the acceptable, "adds Alain Pochat.

"They put enormous pressure on the referees"

Apart from the fact that the players of the PSG fall too easily into his eyes, the coach calado's also regret the attitude of the opponent, especially during the break. "If we had made a repetition of mistakes, mistakes and mistakes and the players claimed after a while, I can understand it, but that was not the case. when the players return to the locker room halfway, they put enormous pressure on the referee's body, "he says. Despite the elimination of Villefranche and this polemic which he would have done well, Alain Pochat assures that he will be "the first to support Paris" in the 8th final of the Champions League against Manchester United, and even adds that he will be "very happy if they win 3-0.All is good that ends well …

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