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Died a frightening – El Nuevo Diario • Nicaragua

Since he made his debut at the age of 20 at the Cincinnati Reds, Frank Robinson has embraced celebrity. He certainly caressed a bat and perhaps he looks at his formidable figures at the time of his death yesterday.

He was 83 years old and the undercooled of 586 homers, now he saw the fence of the stadiums on television, very far away and blurry. His highest salary was $ 160,000 with the California Angels in 1973 and 1974, not with Cincinnati or Baltimore, the two teams with which he reached his highest level, receiving recognition as Most Valuable in 1961 and 1966, one in each competition, special case

How much would he receive in these times, a batsman who threw 38 matches home as Rookie of the year and did 83 runs in 1956, when the first professional competition was played here, and was projected to be the path of grandeur reached and went noisy the doors of the Hall of Fame and you go gallop? Bryce Harper, I would ask for a signature.

He approached the 3000 hits

The archer who retired after the 1976 season and regretted 57 hits at 3,000, opened another historic gate by becoming the first black manager in the majors, who served as a player and helmsman to the Cleveland Indians in 1974. greater prominence in that management, leading the Orioles, with which he received the distinction of the best of the year in 1989, and the Montreal Expos, which led him to the first season of the Washington Nationals.

If something really hurt Frank Robinson, he was eliminated by leading the American team that was looking for the gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics. The 2-1 defeat against Mexico haunted him and struck him during his retirement, but the admiration and respect cultivated along an impressive trajectory built over 21 years, were never scratched. He was in action in 5 World Series, managed to connect 10 homers, now a difficult song, at a time when there are no dynasties.

A pain as a manager

The heart of the Orioles-line-up from 1966 by Frank and Brooks Robinson with Bow Powell impressed. Without showing off, depending on a surprising and hermetic pitching that needed only four arms in four matches, with a relay task, those Orioles ended with the Dodgers of Koufax, Drysdale and Osteen in the World Series of that year.

In the Reds he led an attack with, among others, Vada Pinson and Wally Post … His highest number of home runs in a season was 49 in 1966, when he won the triple crown in the American League, ahead of Cal Yaztremski. He raised six times to as many as 100 or more supporters, and although he overcame the 200-hit barrage in just one season, he placed nine averages over 300 points, he got a butcher's scepter. Really, a formidable batter. However, they also die and leave an extraordinary legacy.

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