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Crisistop in Hannover: Köllner wants the "turnaround" – Sport – Nordbayern.de

At least Petrak and Margreitter are missing on the line

2019/02/07 16:51

Poverty certificate in the cup: the club has no chance in Hamburg!

The FCN makes more than sad in the DFB Cup. In the first half, in which Nuremberg can keep the first ten minutes, HSV has field advantages and Enrico Valentini almost has the yellow card. In half of two it gets worse. The club gets offensive nothing and with impossible defensive behavior allows the leaders of the home team. It is only in the final phase that a fanciful FCN is awakened. But it is not enough what FCN offers to move forward. Far too little to find words. Also in this image gallery.

There are conferences on the competition day that you can easily miss. When all questions can only be answered on the field. The press conference of 1. FC Nuremberg on Thursday was one of them.

The club raised many questions at the Cup-Out in Hamburg with a shocking performance. If in the Bundesliga competition at bottom club Hannover 96 on Saturday (3:30 PM) there are no convincing answers, the club is the last – and the season is determined by man.

Revelation at HSV: The grades of the club professionals

With the first shot on goal in injury time, an attacking completely harmless club in Hamburg loses. Although the HSV could not score many great chances, an inattentive situation in the defense of Nuremberg, but always enough for a deserved victory of the Hanseatic League. These are the comments from the club professionals!

"Disappointing" Michael Köllner again called the performance in Hamburg, "that depends on me in the clothes". For the performance in Hannover, it needs exactly the opposite. "Everyone who can read the table", says the coach, "sees that it is a lot going on." Also for him, of course, in one way or another, the coach is an important part of the team, but also, says Köllner: "It's about the club and not about me" – it was the answer to the question, as he himself with this Pressure, the question to what extent he can still help the team and vice versa – so the team him – he answered in such a way: "The team has never played for me, but for the club."

Köllner is experienced as always: calm, polite, neither annoyed nor externally angry, he is in an almost admirable way under control. Whether this applies to the team is the most important question to answer on the field. Köllner says she is brave, "another aggressive club team", against the many doubts that play with both children in the basement. At the meeting of the 18th and 17th centuries it could be crucial, as Köllner suspects, to "unravel" the mental state & # 39; and & # 39; self-confidence and a broad chest to show & # 39 ;.

Georg Margreitter will miss again, the spitting symptoms in the middle of the plague, for the same reason Kevin Mayen completely falls back, even Virgil Misidjan plague adductors. Its use is as doubtful as that of Patrick Erras (because of gastrointestinal problems); which replaces the suspended Ondrej Petrak is therefore still open.

Anyway, the attitude will be more important than the line-up, "we can not afford a face in Hamburg," says Köllner, but "do not want to spend endless time with this game" and "do everything to prevent the turnaround". is probably the last chance. Everything else from Saturday, 3.30 pm.

Hans Boller

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