Chelsea Women: Roman Abramovich delivers Emma Hayes' team's push to visit Tel Aviv


Roman Abramovich made a surprise visit to Chelsea Women while Emma Hayes' team visited the historic sites of Jerusalem.

On Monday the Chelsea owner met the stars of the Blues, talking at length and posing for photos with the team.

On Tuesday evening Chelsea women faced the Israeli national team in Tel Aviv, with a crowd of 13,000 spectators at the Ha Moshava stadium.

Coach Hayes admitted that the semi-finalists of last season's women's Champions League received a great boost from Abramovich's visit.

"I didn't tell them where we were going," Hayes told PA. "So it was great to surprise them. And they were like teenagers giggling as we entered the room.

"But once Millie Bright and Carly Telford went up and asked for pictures, all the girls asked for individual shots.

"But we spent time not just talking about this game, but about the season to come, about our work in the last season and the previous seasons and how proud we are of the team and what we do.

"It's such a boost for the players, and especially in Jerusalem, it was a wonderful experience for all of them."

Chelsea remains committed to the Say No to Anti-Semitism campaign, strongly supported by owner Abramovich.

The Russian-born Israeli citizen was one of the driving forces behind the Chelsea friendly against the New England Revolution in May, with the owners of both clubs donating $ 1 million (£ 823,000) to charities connected.

Roman Abramovich poses for a photo with Chelsea Women in Tel Aviv (PA)

The Chelsea team enjoyed a walking tour in ancient Jerusalem, with the owner of the club Abramovich who met them at the Western Wall.

"We had a very moving experience, which ended up writing private notes which we then incorporated into the Western Wall, as is tradition," said Hayes.

"They were reminders of all the things we need in life, we don't want them and all the things that matter.

"It was a wonderful day for all the staff and players.

"The fact that we managed to pass the time in Israel with Roman, rather than just on the training ground, not only demonstrates his commitment to women's football, but also shows the female game and the great impact of the visit not only for young people here and also for the players.

"So it's extremely significant. Going to Jerusalem meant a lot to many people.

"We sat down to dinner talking about how important it is to understand the history of this region, seeing the value of human life, the love of working for a football team that promotes such wonderful values ​​and supports its football team feminine in the way we have.

"And it was such a brilliant and self-reflexing day, and having a little time with our owner that we liked very much.

"This experience was immensely spiritual for everyone. He brought us closer and strengthened the value of life and take care of each other ".

Chelsea spent Sunday morning coaching the youth of Israel and Palestine while their pre-season tour in Israel revolves much more than preparing for the match.

Stamford Bridge president Bruce Buck admitted he had found his first visit to Israel an extraordinary experience.

Emma Hayes meets Roman Abramovich in Tel Aviv (PA)

"We thought that by bringing the women's team to Israel, we wanted to offer them some life experiences, some experiences of enlargement," Buck told PA.

"This is my first visit to Israel and yesterday it was very powerful.

"We are quite happy with our Say No to Anti-Semitism campaign, we will continue and hope to make an impact.

"We hope to convince other clubs to launch their similar projects and we will take one step at a time.

"It is very difficult to measure progress, but we firmly believe in what we are doing. We believe that education is the way to go and we hope that over time we can make a small contribution to solving the problem."

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