Chelsea beneficiary Lewis Baker is already a leader at Fortuna Düsseldorf


Lewis Baker's weekend did not work exactly as one would have hoped. Recognized with a goal just six minutes from the start of their game against Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday, Chelsea's borrower would not have seen the end of the game, remaining stuck for 67 minutes in the 3-1 final defeat at home.

Having already established himself as a key actor and one of the vocal leaders of Fortuna Düsseldorf, it was certainly a disappointing afternoon for the 24-year-old who had made a strong initial partnership in midfield with the American international Alfredo Morales.

In fact, before the game, another of Lewis's teammates, the Fortune captain Oliver Fink, talked a lot about him and his leadership skills.

"I like it when he talks, even when it's hard to understand. It's something different. We've never had something like this here."

-Oliver Fink; source: Bild via Sport Witness

Teammate Niko Giesselman is in agreement.

"Lewis pushes us into the locker room before training and games. No one understands him, but we all know what he means. There are no communication problems on the pitch."

-Niko Giesselman; source: Bild via Sport Witness

Baker proved to be crucial for Chelsea's youth teams and also for Vitesse during his time there, and it's certainly nice to see him wasting time making an impact at Fortuna. Now they just have to leave this weekend's defeat behind,

Once one of Chelsea Academy's most promising youth prospects, Baker has lost his way since impressing Vitesse. Düsseldorf has a purchase option on its loan, although Baker still has another three years in his contract with Chelsea, so his future could still make some interesting rounds.

For now, we wish him all the best in the Bundesliga.


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