Chelsea are ready to beat Liverpool against Exeter record holder Ben Chrisene – despite their ban on transfers – The Sun


CHELSEA wants to beat Liverpool against the record of Ben Chrisene, Exeter, despite their ban on transfer.

The British youth midfielder made his debut for the Devon club at the age of just 15 in the Carabao Cup defeat at Coventry earlier this month.

    Chelsea commits to Liverpool to sign the Exeter record holder Ben Chrisene


Chelsea commits to Liverpool to sign the Exeter record holder Ben ChriseneCredit: PINNACLE LTD- PHOTO AGENCY UK

And now the Blues of Frank Lampard have invited him to train with them.

Chrisene has trained with the Kop team and Southampton and Bayern Munich are also interested.

Chelsea – which hopes to have the ban lifted in January – signed Ethan Ampadu from Exeter in 2017.

Ampadu joined RB Leipzig with a loan this season.

The Welsh International, which can play in defense or midfield, continues its development in the top German league for qualifying for the Champions League.

Lampard values ​​the teenager very much, and in the pre-season spoke of the need for Ampadu to regularly submit to the imminent campaign.

The head of the Blues said: "I tried to sign Ethan on loan at the Derby last year, so I'm a big fan, but with the minutes he played last year, in the interest of Ethan and Chelsea, the idea of ​​being able to play a lot of games somewhere could be good for him.

"I really wanted to work with Ethan this year. It's a slight disappointment, but it's an advantage for him.

"In midfield and defense we have a lot of quality, so every player is a case by case".