Bruno Fernandes sent a message to Manchester United while Jorge Mendes looks at the fixed Wolves – Charlotte Duncker

Midfield Problems

While Jorge Mendes sat in the Directors’ Box watching Manchester United play against the Wolves, he would not have had the illusion of whether Bruno Fernandes would fit in this United team or not.

The super agent is not the main representative of the Sporting Lisbon star, but he could be helping to facilitate a movement for the 25-year-old and could be a key part of reaching an agreement over the limit for the midfielder.

Despite all the pre-game talks about how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needed to do little homework with his rivals, after playing them three times since he took the reins, there was a lack of imagination on how to tear down the side of Nuno Espirito Santo.

A family problem that continues to chase United returned and its best player was a 31-year-old Spaniard who is entering the twilight years of his career in Juan Mata.

An agreement is coming for Fernandes and there used to be a time when players would be worried about the lack of playing time and fighting for their place by switching to Old Trafford, but Mendes could have positively informed Fernandes having seen United’s midfield . Against the wolves.

Fernandes will not be the answer to all the creativity problems of the United midfield and more work needs to be done in the middle, even if they manage to get the Portuguese star in the coming weeks. But fresh energy and a spark of creativity are desperately needed. Better soon than late.

Juan kill

Many had wondered if the 31-year-old had surpassed him and better used as a squad player, but after a man from the game against Norwich on Sunday the Spaniard once again led United.

Starting this time as number 10 behind Daniel James’s three strikers, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood, it was the brightest spark of United in the middle of a sea of ​​mediocrity in the middle.

With only two minutes left, he sent a big ball to James and the summer signing should have been better and put United ahead.

Everything was going through and surely he had made his way into the initial XI of Solskjaer for the game at Anfield even before his final dink gave United the advantage in the second half.

Jesse Lingard arrived with 15 minutes left and is possibly the only player who could really threaten Mata for his position on the team at the moment, but the Spaniard has nothing to worry about based on recent exhibits.

Rashford’s injury stroke

United’s top scorer rested for the game after Solskjaer pulled him off as a precaution in the win against Norwich in the league over the weekend. But with United fighting for a goal and without creativity, Solskjaer attracted England’s international with half an hour to go.

The 22-year-old fell awkwardly after an entry by Matt Doherty and was forced to retire a few minutes later.

With the big clash against Liverpool on Sunday, it will be a great blow for Solskjaer if his top scorer, 19 goals in all competitions, is not available. His presence gives the three strikers a boost and is his most dangerous threat of attack.

The Norwegian will have to wait for a speedy recovery or it could be a great scenario for Mason Greenwood to have to act.

Handball Rule

The words that every football fan has come to fear: “VAR checking goal.” This time he was well received with a sigh of relief from the support of the home in Old Trafford when technology ruled that the ball had hit Raúl Jiménez’s hand in the accumulation of what everyone thought was Pedro Neto’s first game.

It was a disappointment for United, who had been neglected in the back and, for once, the problem was not with the VAR, it is actually the rule of handball changed. The Board of the International Football Association (IFAB) changed the rules before the start of the season to establish that any goal scored or created with the use of the hand or arm will be voided this season, even if it is accidental.

It worked in favor of United in this incident, but there has to be a point where the ruling is re-observed because sometimes it is on the verge of ridicule.

All repetitions of the Premier League

A meager Old Trafford was further proof that the old magic of the cup was diminishing. Wolves at home on a Wednesday night don’t scream thriller and, although it was a much more entertaining game than the first attempt at Molineux, the other weekend is a game that both clubs could have dispensed with.

The wolves did not want to take away all their allocation and decided on the allocation of the Premier League. The possibility that the visiting club thought it would have been too difficult to sell to eliminate additional tickets.

While the magic of the cup is still alive and truly alive in some clashes, the question arises as to whether repetitions are really needed in all Premier League games. The lower league clubs benefit greatly from the money, but if there is an agreement of both clubs before the game that overtime and penalties would be played in the first instance, it would avoid the need for all the Premier League repetitions that the Most people don’t want to.


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