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Borussia Mönchengladbach: Coach Dieter Hecking explains interview scandal at Sky

Mönchengladbach –

It was the excitement after the game between Borussia Mönchengladbach and Werder Bremen (1: 1) on Sunday evening. When foal coach Dieter Hecking (54) was asked after the game by the broadcaster Sky for the microphone, he abruptly interrupted the interview. Hecking seemed eaten.

He kept the reason for his anger to himself. "That has nothing to do with the reporter from Sky, there is another reason why I'm angry," Hecking had just said – and had evaporated.

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Now Dieter Hecking explains what made him so angry

On Monday, the waves were smoothed out again – and Hecking was back on Sky speech and response. The Gladbach coach finally explained the reason for his anger and the action the day before.

So Hecking reported: "At Sky 90 there was a discussion about our game. There was Ewald Lienen, whom I greatly appreciate as a colleague and who from this round can also best estimate what is happening now. But to say that it is a was a disappointing performance, I didn't understand. And I still don't understand it today. "

Dieter Hecking was angry with Ewald Lienen

Obviously, Hecking disagreed with Lienen (65), technical director of the second division FC St. Pauli and former trainer in Gladbach, who had seen the performance of his team.

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Ewald Lienen is technical director of the second division FC St. Pauli.


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But the reconciliation followed shortly thereafter. & # 39; Ewald has me & # 39; called in the morning. I told him: & # 39; Ewald, you as a colleague, who was already in such a situation, you can better estimate that. & # 39; "Hecking reported.

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Foal coach Dieter Hecking: "Ewald was wrong"

The foal coach continues: "I think the team did a very good game under the circumstances. I think Ewald is wrong. But we clarified that on the phone and that's good. & # 39;

Everything is so wild, so. Nevertheless, the incident shows that the nerves of the Gladbacher are currently not well organized …

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