Borussia Dortmund: Striker loan more and more concrete – but Schalke straddles in between – BVB



Borussia Dortmund: Strike loan is becoming more concrete – but only the FC Schalke 04 matches in between

Borussia Dortmund wants Patrik Schick ~ - but Jochen Schneider (l.) And his Schalke spark in between.

Borussia Dortmund wants Patrik Schick ~ – but Jochen Schneider (l.) And his Schalke spark in between.

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Dortmund. Has Lucien Favre's wish list Borussia Dortmund already worked hard – but a striker is still missing from the BVB access list.

Paco Alcácer is the last real center-back in the aftermath of the move from Alexander Isak to Real Sociedad. Here, apparently, the person in charge Borussia Dortmund there is still a need for action – and leave AS Roma Patrik Schick on the rod.

Borussia Dortmund wants Patrik Schick – but the FC Schalke 04 shines in between

Last year BVB was busy with the Czechs, now the 1.90 meter striker to strengthen the Borussia. Apparently, a loan with a purchase option is planned – as it was already with Alcácer.

But now there is competition in advertising for Patrik Schick! Possibly inspired by the fact that he snatched Bayern's Ozan Kabak, FC Schalke 04 apparently stepped into poker.


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Does Schalke shatter the district rival?

The Royal Blues also want to borrow the nine, who were trained in Sparta Prague, (>> more about Patrik Schick) according to "Bild".

It would be a triple victory for S04: alongside Benito Raman (before switching to Schalke >>), a quick and powerful striker in the team defeated the district rival and was shunned by borrowing the scarce money.

After "Bild" information, Borussia Dortmund is ahead in the race. Even before Bayer Leverkusen, who allegedly had already made a purchase offer. But at Schalke, Schick would have much better prospects for a permanent place than in the controversial offensive department of BVB. Will the Czech still decide?

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