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Biathlon World Cup 2018/19. Internship in Canmore. Frost in Canada. Russian biathletes arrived in Canmore without guns. Photo & # 39; s, instagram – https://sport24.ru/

Hoera! Still, we do not shoot from the sticks

After a one-week break, the biathletes went abroad. But that's how it happened that in Canmore the Russians were without guns. As it has happened, we can not understand it. It is said that the SBR simply did not issue an American transit permit, but Vladimir Drachev and Anatoly Khovantsev Immediately refuted all speculation.

"All necessary documents relating to the transport of biology guns to the territory of the United States and Canada were drawn up and filed in good time with the organizers of the North American stages.On February 2, one day before the team's departure, the Organizers told us they did not have time to issue a permit to transport weapons to Canada through the United States, and we advised to come directly from Moscow to Canada. "We did not have time to exchange tickets and so decided that the weapons would be delivered separately to Canmore. "– explained Drachev.

"Gun problems on stage in Canada?" They write all kinds … I do not know who they are referring to. I am responsible in stating that we have sent the arms numbers to the US and Canadian parties in good time. I do not know why the Americans have not given permission. For our part, everything was sent on time. "– said the head coach of the Russian national team Anatoly Khovantsev.

Fortunately, the weapons in Canmore were already delivered and the Russians took the first official training with their guns. But in this story there is still a discrepancy.

coach Alexander Kurkin He expressed the opinion that Drachev's words are only cunning: "It is no secret to anyone: those who had visas now went to America, that is, they were not prepared in advance, but decided spontaneously." Now Drachev says that the guns were sent for approval six weeks ago, so it is not entirely clear: how could they request to send rifles a month and a half ago if the composition for the stages was only established on January 28. Difference A simple question: to Who, then, a month and a half ago, did you send questions about weapons? In the same place it is necessary to not only indicate the number of guns, but also the specific numbers of the barrels.Now, with a bad game, they make a good face. "

Where is the truth, and where is the lie, no one knows, but there is certainly something to think about. The team obviously did not have to endure much without a pair of gun training, but something unforeseen could happen, and then the boys would shoot from sticks, not from a weapon.

Severe night frost and transfer of matches

Canada with biathlon is not very friendly. The temperature is below minus 40. But even in such a cold, biathletes do not lose their optimism. If the temperature at the start of the race is not higher than -30, then the race can not take place. IBU has already decided to hold people in a reduced format and other times (men are 15 km instead of 20 km and start on 7 February at 10:20 am, women – 12.5 km instead of 15 km and be held on February 8 at 00:55), as well as changed the schedule of the stage, moved the baton to February 8 and the mass begins – on the 9th. Because the tin will be on Sunday.

Viewers on the ad

Everyone knows that athletes are not particularly traveling to North America. And they can be understood: difficult flight, length, acclimatization. In turn, the local public was also unable to accept the biathlon with spiritual warmth. For them it is still a strange sport, despite the local successes of the Americans and Canadians. Everything is so bad there that a bunch of school children end up on the stands.

This time it was ridiculous. The organizers of the stage in Canmore decided to search the public for the advertisement. The press service of the ski club has published a message on its website about the recruitment of 200-300 people who have to fill the stands. And above all, they are looking for an individual race for women. But who wants to become biathlon in this weather.

Fixed experiments

North American stages – pain. And not only ours. Leaders are not trying to get there, the Swedish team ignored all phases at all. Russia has also collected a team and not a combat sample. And as men Loginov and Garanichev at least somewhere, then it is even sadder for women.

Silver was our best performance in America Anton Shipulina in the sprint three years ago. This time the maximum task is to maintain positions in the Cup of Nations. In men, Loginov, Garanichev, and also Eduard Latypov, Alexander Povarnitsyn, Sergey Korastylev and Yury Shopin.

Emergency replacement also happened with girls. Anastasia Morozova fell ill and was replaced Leysan Bektasheva. Mostly heroes are almost all known: Ulyana Kaisheva, Larisa Kuklina, Valeria Vasnetsova, Margarita Vasilyeva and Kristina Ilchenko. This is a great opportunity for the latter. She will finally be able to play for the national team during the World Cup, for the first time after returning from Belarus.

If one of them is surprised, we will be happy without any problems.

The task of Loginov: to bypass Fourcade

The Frenchman reported at the end of January that he had to skip the American stages. And this is a great opportunity for Sasha to regain the second position in the general classification. Khovantsev has already said that, in particular, in the interest of this, the Russian went to North America. Now Alexander loses 6 points from Marten. Nothing compared to the remaining Johannes Be in 288 points. But do not forget that behind Loginov there are still many contenders for the top 3.

Race training for Be and the next Dahlmeier

In January it was possible to claim 50 percent that Johannes Baugh would miss the North American stages. The advantage in the World Cup is huge. You can relax for almost a month. But the Norwegian led the unexpected arguments of his presence there. It turns out that Johannes is still not calm to keep the yellow jersey of the leader, and for that he has to compete.

We will see Laura Dahlmeier in German and German. She has rested and is ready to show results. But Laura still misses the podium in the US to prepare herself thoroughly for the World Cup. And this is three weeks. It seems that Dahlmeier is seriously determined to collect a lot of medals in Östersund.

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