Bayern Munich: statement by coach Chelsea shocked Bayern fans – 1-Bundesliga


Bayern Munich: statement by coach Chelsea shocked Bayern fans

Will Callum Hudson-Odoi is not left to Bayern Munich: Frank Lampard.

Will Callum Hudson-Odoi is not left to Bayern Munich: Frank Lampard.

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Munich. On Twitter is a fan of the Bayern Munich The transfer summer of the German record champion recently together: "In the meantime I get up and I would be happy with a transfer rumor, but even these are not there at the moment." And indeed, Bayern's options were broken day by day.

Last week Atlético Madrid announced the transfer from midfielder Rodrigo to English champions Manchester City. The Bavaria wanted to have committed the 23-year-old, but went outside empty-handed.

Bayern Munich: Hudson-Odoi is likely to stay in Chelsea

Now another transmission rumor can probably be brought to the grave. Because Callum Hudson-Odoi passes into Bayern Munich, it is now almost impossible. The reason: Frank Lampard.

The Chelsea legend has taken over the coaching job from the English top club and immediately set up a club website with the following priorities: "I have seen Callum emerge and he is a fantastic talent. We all know that, we will talk to him and want him to remains. "

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And the praise for the 18-year-old does not stop at this point: "I know the club wants to hold him and for me he plays a central role in the square. That's the chance he has now, as I see it. & # 39;

Chelsea finds clear words

The club even addresses the opponent in his message. Hudson-Odoi had been part of countless speculations, especially with regard to a move to Bayern Munich.

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On Twitter, the club even sharpened the message from its new head coach: "Frank Lampard has said very clearly that he sees Callum Hudson-Odoi as an important part of his plans for Chelsea."

With so many clear words, a change from the 18-year-old aggressor seems almost impossible. Lampard's praise is a clear sign for Hudson-Odoi, who was previously concerned about the lack of time. But Lampard is clearly a big fan of Hudson-Odoi – and Bayern has one option less.

Even before he took office, Lampard had made it clear that he absolutely wanted to keep Hudson-Odoi.

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