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Bayern also wins on Schalke: Munich wins 2-0 on the return of Goretzka

FC Schalke 04 v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga

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Image 1/2 – Is that the decision? Lewandowski scores with penalty & # 39; s to 0: 2 ahead of Bayern

FC Schalke 04 v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga

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Image 2/2 – James Rodriguez meets for a corner to the early Bayern lead


It was a duel between two Champions League-participants – but even this Bayern match was very one-sided. The Munich also win at Schalke and after four Bundesliga matches with a perfect balance at the top – Schalke remains at zero points.

FC Schalke 04 – Bayern 0: 2

0: 1 James Rodriguez (8th), 0: 2 Lewandowski (64./foulelfmeter)

Schalke: Ferryman – Sané, Naldo, Nastasic – Rudy, McKennie (53rd Bentaleb) – Caligiuri, Schöpf – Uth (73rd Burgstaller), di Santo (66th Harit), Embolo

Bavaria: New – Kimmich, Süle, Hummels, Alaba – Thiago – James Rodriguez (87th Sanches), Goretzka – Müller, Ribéry (83rd Gnabry) – Lewandowski (80th Wagner)

The most important in short: Fourth victory for FC Bayern, fourth loss for FC Schalke 04: In the unequal duel of the vice champion against the champions, the trend of the season so far in the Bundesliga has been confirmed. The Munich won on Saturday night in Gelsenkirchen very deserved and almost effortlessly 2: 0 (1: 0). They brought in the seventh victory in the seventh league match of the season.

For the Bayern, on the day of the Oktoberfest, kick-off James Rodriguez met for a corner and Robert Lewandowski by a false penalty. Leon Goretzka played more than 90 minutes in his former club. He was surprisingly not booed during the game by the Schalke fans.

20:52: Schalke manager Christian Heidel talks about the controversial scene of Santo in "Sky": "There is a small dispute, I remain calm, Tedesco answers him directly, the subject is over, I did not feel so dramatic di Santo might be an example to Robert Lewandowski. "

20.49 hours: Niko Kovac talks about Ribery & # 39; s replacement and Goretzka & # 39; s performance in the former club: "Ribery was not angry at all, he just wanted to play it, I told him he was great, Goretzka played very well today, played very often retrieve balls that we have lost, and today we have often seen why Bavaria has signed. "

20:48: Kovac's conclusion: "My team dominated more than 90 minutes, nothing burned, we could have scored more goals."

20:42: Schalke-trainer Tedesco speaks in "Sky" about Santo's anger about his replacement: "It annoys me very much because we mentioned earlier that was emotional – Franco approved the replacement, I, we will clarify internally, but I am logically disappointed about him.

20:35: Ferryman finds clear words about Santo's anger at his replacement: "I do not know what Franco says there, that is not possible, that is an absolute absurdity of Franco, that should not be so."

20:34: Ferryman about the penalty, which he could almost ward off: "The rotten thing about the situation is that I slip away, which is symptomatic of our current situation."

20:33: Ferryman at the early opening goal of Bayern: "Four early corners against us is very much, we have very good duel players – we currently have too many goals for standards."

20:31: Rudy said about James' 1-0 goal after a corner: "I have to stay close to him, I realize that that is too late and the granted goal is for me – no question."

20:31: Sebastian Rudy about "Sky": "It was fun to play against my ex-colleagues, but to be honest, we were hoping for more and in the second half we had a lot of ball conquests that we could have done more."

20:30: "The preparation suited me, we have worked very hard, we are physically very good now, of course there is always room for improvement and we want to continue on this road."

20:29: Conclusion of Goretzka: "I know how Tedesco plays, they did well, it was incredibly intense, but in the end we deserved to win."

20:28: Goretzka tells about his return to "Sky": "I have never been in the other cabin, I did not know that, the reception was exactly what I expected, there are always a few hardliners who express their dissatisfaction, but I know That I have always given everything for Schalke, and can not blame me, that many still show encouragement, do very well. "

+ 90 3 Minute: Last whistle in Gelsenkirchen. Schalke remains aimless in the Bundesliga in the fourth game.

90th minute: There is an extra three minutes.

89th minute: Schalke Caligiuri dribbles at the level of the right corner flag equal to three opponents, runs towards the penalty area. From a central position he tries a shot that eventually misses the target.

87th minute: Last change now also with the guests: Renato Sanches comes for James Rodriguez.

86th minute: Gnabry is almost a magical joker! The winger runs with the ball over the left towards the goal, shoots from a sharp angle but along the left post.

83 minutes: Niko Kovac brings Serge Gnabry for Franck Ribery. The sensitive Frenchman seems inconsolable, secretly sneaking off the field with his shoulders.

80th minute: Sandro Wagner comes into action again for Robert Lewandowski. Slowly Bayern occupied the clock – but that is not necessary in the 0-2 lead.

77th minute: Dream free staircase from David Alaba! From 35 meters the ball flies in a high arc towards the goal of Schalke and threatens to hit the upper left corner. Ferryman can send the ball, but with a gleam over the post.

73rd minute: Guido Burgstaller comes for Mark Uth – That is the last change from Tedesco. Bayern still plays in the basic setup.

70th minute: Leon Goretzka can not reward a strong Bayern attack. Bayern's offensive division involved Schalke's defense after a counterattack in an uncomfortable 4-on-4 situation. The ball lands in the penalty area at Goretzka – his sluggish high-shot straight on ferryman can easily catch Schalke goalkeeper.

66th minute: Amine Harit comes for Franco di Santo, and that does not suit the Argentinian! Di Santo leisurely on the couch and then complains loudly in the back of Schalke-trainer Tedesco. Tedesco turns and lifts his admonishing finger – explosive scene in royal blue.

64th minute: Lewandowski meets for 0: 2! Ferryman has guessed the corner well, dives to the right. Lewandowski shoots hard and is placed in the corner – no chance for Schalke's goalkeeper.

63rd minute: Punishment for Bayern! After a corner by James Rodriguez, the ball lands again on the Colombian. He goes into the penalty area and Alessandro Schöpf hits him from behind on his leg. Clearly something.

61st minute: The home fans beat their team with a loud "on the way, Schalke shoots a goal" forward. In fact, the equalizer is no surprise at the moment – Schalke is increasingly fighting the match.

59th minute: Müller sends Lewandowski with a player, but shoots too hard. Ferryman casually picks up the ball while Lewandowski grins.

58th minute: Will Bayern lose the perspective? Due to pyrotechnics of the guest block, the playing field is currently heavily fogged.

56th minute: Schalke really makes a good impression in the first ten minutes since the break. The home team is much more dynamic and stable than in the first round. Tedesco seems to have found the right words in the cabin.

53 minutes: Nabil Bentaleb comes into play for Weston McKennie. The change is due to injury, but also tactically meaningful. Bentaleb, like McKennie, is a central midfielder – but acts far more offensive.

52th minute: The next free kick almost ends with the Schalke equalizer! Breel Breolo, who scored in each of the last two games, is just next to the goal.

51st minute: Weston McKennie must be treated on the field after he has injured himself after a foul by James Rodriguez. Nabil Bentaleb tears off the yellow shirt and warms up.

49th minute: James Rodriguez pushes the ball past the empty goal! Ribery and Lewandowski play with a nice combination right in the goal of Schalke. Finally, Ribery in the middle of James Rodriguez free: the Colombian shoots the ball past the empty goal on the left from three meters.

47th minute: In a running match between Joshua Kimmich and Franco di Santo, the Bayern player got a hit. Kimmich touches his foot – but can continue.

46th minute: Wiederanpiff – the second half starts.

45th minute: breakfluit! The referee interrupts a courageous last offensive Schalke with the half-time whistle.

44th minute: Caligiuri continues with five opponents and claims the ball. In the end Goretzka places his foot: free kick for Schalke.

42nd minute: Caligiuri comes too late against Goretzka, puts his ex-colleague on his foot. He sees the second yellow card of the match.

41st minute: Ribery dribbles at the baseline from the left in the box. The Frenchman hits a hook and then closes. Ferryman keeps the ball safe.

39th minute: Very good action by Sebastian Rudy against Robert Lewandowski. De Schalke hides his former teammate in the penalty area from behind the ball – and thus prevents another Bayern goal.

37th minute: James Rodriguez can be found everywhere and is involved in every dangerous scene of the guests. The scorer of the 0: 1 shows here through the creativity and joy of playing a very strong game ago.

35th minute: After Alessandro Schöpf releases the James Rodriguez from Bayern, the referee is adrift with his arms. The game gets more and more wild characteristics: it goes back and forth, with many intensely driven duels in the midfield.

33th minute: Remarkable: Leon Goretzka, who often sits on the ball, is not booed on the old site. During the warm-up there were still audible whistles against the ex-Schalke – they are completely silent during the game.

32nd minute: James Rodriguez takes the free kick from the left. Hummels is about a meter above the fence.

31 minutes: Naldo saw the first yellow card of the match for a foul on Leon Goretzka.

30th minute: Caligiuri hits a dangerous low pass from the baseline and passes the goal. Di Santo is central to the ball, but Neuer holds the ball.

29 minutes: David Alaba kicks a free kick and hits the bar from a distance of 30 meters against the crossbar.

27 minutes: Former Bayern professional Sebastian Rudy brings Lewandowski to the case 30 meters from Schalke's goal. Free kick for Bayern.

26th minute: A promising Schalke attack ends with a long crosspass from McKennie to Caligiuri. The right side of the Schalke is offside.

25 minutes: Heroic act of Schalke & # 39; s keeper! James Rodriguez prizes the entire Schalke defense with a sugar pass to the top. Thiago comes to the ball, only has to push past the ferryman. But the keeper of Schalke storms out of the box eight quite big and parries with outstretched arm.

23 minutes: Great scene from the 20-year-old Weston McKennie! The defensive midfielder takes a heart, storms the ball at the foot in the box. He loses the ball, but brings him back to the level of the baseline. From an acute angle, the American concludes – directly in the arms of Manuel Neuer.

22 minutes: Almost the copy of the first goal: James Rodriguez comes after a Bayern corner with his head to the ball – but it just flies over the gate.

21 minutes: Again Alaba! This time, the left back tried with a tight shot from the second row. Veerman parries to the corner.

20th minute: Very good defensive action by Daniel Caligiuri. David Alaba fills a lot in the left corner and is about to cross the middle. Caligiuri spits the Austrians but skillfully the ball of the foot.

19 minutes: Embolo jumps into the air to take on one of the many long balls from Schalke. Niklas Süle from Bayern is the first to come to the ball – and the center of Schalke collides with the German international. Embolo must stay longer – that hurts!

17th minute: Caligiuri beats a free kick from 40 yards dangerous for the purpose of the guests. Naldo hits the ball with his head – but he flies past the long post. A scene from the picture book of the past season – the Gelsenkirchener at the time, because of their great efficiency in standard situations as second.

15 minutes: Good chance for Schalke di Santo! The Argentinian, in a duel in a semi-right position, strongly claimed the ball and then pushed into the Bayern penalty area. His low-shot, however, lands directly in the arms of Manuel Neuer.

11th minute: Schalke striker's trio from Santo, Embolo and Uth disturbs the Bayern early in the game structure. The defenders of Schalke are in the background. This gives the Bayern huge spaces in midfield – and Goretzka, James and Müller can easily run the ball.

8 minutes: James Rodriguez set off to a corner of Kimmich Bayern leadership! Unbelievable – this is already the third time in the fourth Bundesliga game that the team of Tedesco has fallen behind due to a corner kick.

6th minute: Goretzka just missed the Bayern lead! James Rodriguez sends the former Schalke with a flat pass from right to center. The template is a little too hard, so Goretzka does not come to the ball.

5th minute: A nice combination between Alaba and Goretzka flows at the feet of Müller for the penalty area of ​​Schalke. At the end of the game he gets a little behind – his shot flies more than a meter above the goal of Ralf Fährmann.

4th minute: Kimmich hits a second corner from the other side. Since then, the ball has been in Munich for almost two minutes. It is the expected heavy task for the home team.

3rd minute: Alaba takes the ball away and McKennie makes the score. This is dangerous – but Müller, who accepts the ball on the back post, can not bring him to Schalke goal.

1st minute: Schalke opens the game – the ball rolls!

6:29 pm: The senseless Schalke swears back into the team shortly before the kickoff.

18.12 clock: Tedesco is asked if he understands Munich's allegations that Bundesliga teams play particularly hard against Bayern: "No, not at all, we want to play aggressively in a duel, regardless of the opponent, but always fair."

18:09: Domenico Tedesco analyzed the question of Lothar Matthäus, why Schalke had so little hold of Porto at home (39 per cent): "possession and success rate is not so important to us – it matters to us how many players we play – and had to play in the Champions League We are better off Porto than our opponents. "

18:08Schalke-trainer Tedesco defends himself against the notion of crisis in "Sky": "We not only place the table and the results in the foreground, but also analyze other things within the team that we manage reasonably well."

6:06 pm: Schalke club legend Olaf Thon in the home team's line-up: "It is very important to close the outside to start with three strikers is brave and good – Santo has the same role as the last Bayern game."

18:02: Kovac on the objectives of the game: "Of course we want to win the game, it is never easy at Schalke, it becomes an intense game, we want to take advantage of our run and bring ourselves even further."

18:00: Niko Kovac talks to Sky about his "Freiwild" commentary after the final Bundesliga competition: "Obviously, football is a physical game, but we had two injured players in the last game because of mistakes, so you have to differentiate – we have Frankfurt have the In recent years many cards taken, but there were no injured players in the opponent. "

17:52: In the last meeting of the two clubs, Schalke defied a 2: 1 defeat, as one can boldly perform in Munich. At that time, Santo was bribed as an urgent striker, who constantly defends the opponent. Again, the Argentines ran against the Rekormeister from the beginning.

17.50 hours: Kovac brings former Schalke Leon Goretzka in the starting XI! The eighth must prepare for an uncomfortable reception – let's see how the 23-year-old sends him away.

14:50: The most important information beforehand:

situation: Schalke is under pressure after the 1-1 defeat against Porto and the failed competition starts. However, the Bavarians can start their start of the season with six competitive matches perfectly.

staff: Thiago is again candidate for the starting eleven-coach Kovac after an injury to the toe. The same goes for Schalke's party for Konopljanka, who has served his red-lock.

statistically Royal Blue is against the Munich for 15 league matches without points. The Oktoberfest meets them: during the Oktoberfest the FCB has been at least eight years without defeat in the Bundesliga.

special: With the ex-Schalke Goretzka and Neuer and the former Bayern Rudy and Schöpf, four players compete against their former clubs. Goalkeeper Neuer completed his 350th Bundesliga competition.

Video: Three lessons from the victory of Bavaria in Lisbon

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