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Battle of the Century … Boca people challenge the millionaires of the river!

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Mohammed Hamed (Dubai)

"History Explains the Present", an argument that summarizes the fiery conflict that spans over a century between Boca Juniors and his ever-present rival River Plate: the decision of former Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to making matches exclusively for the home team was justified. The conflict has shifted from the green rectangle to the streets and terraces. It is true that the Latin American public in general and Argentina in particular are the true hero of the game, and it is true that his passion is far greater than that of the players on the field often, but the government intervention Ka Inevitably bloodshed.
Historically, Boca Juniors has become the club of the people and the title of the Millionaire Club of the River Plate was founded, which was founded and located in the largely populated district of Boca, south of Buenos Aires. River Plate later split up in a rich suburb of Belgrano The move came after rich business people and wealthy people decided to sponsor the River Plate, and many expensive deals in the 1930s also made the title of the millionaire team more closely connected to the team. The conflict between the Boca and the river took a far-reaching dimension, He became a legend Al-Tabaki and the social group attended the meeting, to become more heated confrontations.
"Defeat the Belgrano & # 39; s sons so that the joy can live in my heart, you have to give your life and your heart to win over River, Cuba, Libertadores, my passion and my husband." The River Plate fans, however, chant words and chants: "I am a lover of River, I can not care about the bad results, I will encourage the river and for this love I will do everything to make my team a hero to see ".
The Argentine capital Buenos Aires has an unprecedented experience in a country where the majority of the population is playing football, Boca Juniors and River Plate meet each other in the first stage of the Copa Libertadores in the history of the tournament, including 24 in the continental competition, but never reached the continental final, making the world media, not only in South America, but also in Europe, as well as the game of the night «the site of the century», and still lovers of the globe are waiting for other dreams on the road Self, and on top of that the last dream Lost in the Champions League between Barça and Real, the Mondial-final never took place between Brazil and Argentina.
Buenos Aires, or the capital of "The Air", performs better than Manchester, AC Milan and Madrid, which face hot clashes between their clubs in the world's most powerful derbies .The Real struggle with their stubborn neighbor Atletico in the derby of Madrid, and the conflict between Milan and Inter in the Della Madonna, The current era is a colossal clash between United and Man City in a deranged derby. The English press calls Madchester the mad Manchester, but the Super Clasico Alboca and River remain an exceptional world football, especially in terms of public enthusiasm.
Argentina has a population of about 45 million people, of which the vast majority are football fans, 70% of the country's population is divided between the Boca and the river, although the first is more than 40%, while the river is about 33% of the population is. The reports from Argentina indicate that Schelotto will be based on a combination of experience and youth in the attack line, which will consist of the 34-year-old Tevez, the 28-year-old Benedetto, 22-year-old Pavon, in the middle of the Gajo- trio, Olimdra, a former player of the victory Zarate.
The defense consists of the four-wheeler Buvarini, Goltz, Albidri, Mas and keeper Augustine Rossi. Skelotto pointed out that the worldwide passion for the derby of Buenos Aires will ease the modest image of the team during the World Cup last summer, The absence of coach Marcelo Gaillardo due to the suspension of four matches and the refusal of entry to the stadium or communication with players, it pays to follow the end of the century via the television screen of the stronghold of the river Balmonomntal.
Former Spaniard Skoko is expected to lead the river, with Martinez and Prato, while the center consists of Souza, Zocolini, Fernández, four-time defender Moreiro, Lola, Penola and Mayada and goalkeeper Keeper Lucas behind.

«La Panda» and «Los Busteros» .. Steel defense versus fierce attack
Argentine giants face the Horn of Africa, as the Latin press reported with mixed statistics, which may indicate the status of the giants before the first continental superclass in history. After 12 games to reach this crucial final stage, Boca Juniors is at the attacking level, 21 goals, with a speed of 1.75 / games, and missed the registration in only two games, one ended with a draw, the other with a loss, while River Plate scored only 14 goals, the figure of 1.16 / The team pursues the millionaires, after not scoring in five confrontations, ie The team has no goal to reach rivals in 42% of the total games, and ended with four of them in a draw, while the suffered loss in the face of only one!
River Plate received only six goals during the current Copa Libertadores and succeeded in seven confrontations to reach goalless nets, meaning La Panda receives only one goal every two games and a sheet that has not been shaken at all during 58% of the games, and if Boca had kept the net in 6 games, that is, half of the tournament, the goal got 9 goals at a speed of 0.75 / match, and although the Superclassico collisions usually end up in a violent offensive Strong, the confrontation situation will vary because they are in the final continental championship, in addition to the difference in tactics of the two teams To pass through the digital divide at the levels, offensive and defensive clear, given that both the final reaches mars completely identical, where he won both in half matches, draw 5 times, compared to the exposure to a defeat, they both saw deficits uptake.
Boca Juniors have a better attack system than their arch rivals, where the group dominates the goals of the continental team. The team scored 81% of the goals by decisive passes. Twelve players participated in Los Busteros & # 39; Cristiano Pavon, Mauro Zarate, Dario Benedetto and veteran Carlos Tevez each scored three goals, but Pavon outperformed everyone with 5 assists, making him rise above the top of the Boca goalkeepers.
On the other hand River Plate scored 64% of the goals by this team work, and despite the lack of goals of millionaires compared to its rivals, but 12 players also took part in the performance and passed the balls of those goals, on top the duo, Lucas Prato and Rafael Pori with 3 goals per Gonzalo Martínez made two goals, just like Nicolas de la Cruz.
The technical statistics show that Riverblit is able to abuse the quick apostate attack to score more than a third of his goals, which logically matches the conservative playing style he has seen in the current continental version!
At the defending level, the defense fronts of Boca received the same number of goals, with 3 goals on each front, of which 88.8% came from the penalty area, while competitors could only reach the net once via the air competitions.
The cross-runs were three times more than the 33.3% and the quickly organized attacks were the knockout for the Boca defense, but the depth of the River Plate defense was stronger than that of the other two fronts. But it is not surprising that the goal is to break through the penalty area or the air competitions.

«UAE» at the heart of the «Fingerprint fingerprint» event
It is enough to attract football fans in the UAE and the rest of the world to watch and follow with an unprecedented passion. Besides the other reasons that make the Pomponera in the first stage of the Libertadores Cup between Boca Juniors and River Plate more attractive for the fans of the UAE, The former Al Ain star in the game, but the hope of the River Plate team to make the difference: a former Nassrawia participates in the starting line-up of Boca Juniors, Maure Zarate, it is true that he has left no real mark in the rows of the dean, but eventually passed Here the UAE has no presence T at the top of the night is more important for the reason that the Latin crowned on the throne of the ball, will participate in the World Cup clubs in Abu Dhabi next month.

1 – The World Championship in Abu Dhabi
The UAE and the capital city Abu Dhabi will be present in the hearts and minds of millions of Boca and River Plate fans. The glory of each team will come to Abu Dhabi for the first time. The two teams have never played in three editions of the World. Sports Capital played, This time to ensure the presence of a team represented in the World Cup clubs and four times the final World Cup at the Argentine clubs, including the team Estudiantes in the championship in Abu Dhabi, that the superiority of the Barça saw win and won the championship, Argentina has never won the championship And then Boca Juniors of River Plate gets a golden opportunity to enter the history of Abu Dhabi if he wins the World Cup in his next edition.

2 – Sukoko Al-Aynaoui
The 33-year-old River Plate was shown at the Al Ain Club between 2011 and 2013 and participated in the Professional League title 2011. The talented star participated in 26 games with Al Ain in various competitions, scoring 11 goals With nine goals in 19 league games away from his goal scorer, Skuku was one of the most skillful and skilled players in the game industry, and his departure to Argentina was followed by a six-year professional career for family reasons. Blit has scored 15 goals in 22 games, one of the newspapers Mission on which his team expects in the final, mainly because it shines in front of Boca.

3- Where is Zarate?
Arrived in loan in October 2017 and did not earn much in his first competition jersey, but scored 3 goals, after overcoming the pitfalls of modest start, and left in January 2018 for the team that started his career, the Sarsfield Argentine team, and From him He moved to Boca Juniors last July to start a brilliant journey to him in most of his previous professional experiences. He scored 4 goals, including 3 goals in five Libertadores, and Zarate will be present in the starting line-up of Boca tonight. At a place in the hearts of fans of the dean, only his Will will cover him to see what it will offer, and in anticipation of the possibility of his return to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the World Cup clubs.

4 – Watch your dream!
Because the final of the long awaited dream in Latin America, where Boca and River have never been the continental finals, and because the game gets public attention and worldwide media is remarkable, and because fans of the ball in the Arab region are no exception , and fulfill the passion of the masses in the Arab region to follow the century, The Super Classico and the Derby Buenos Aires, Abu Dhabi Sports channels pass the historic contest through the second channel, confirming that the dream in Abu Dhabi does not code, and the news of the broadcast on the open channel was a great interaction between the Arab masses, which expressed his happiness through platforms and social networking sites, and it is noteworthy that this event revealed that a large Arab love for Latin football was hidden for decades, for the power of European leagues and championships.

Maradona .. VIP chair in the Pomponera forever!
The Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona has a special place in the hearts of Boca Juniors fans, won the Argentine title in 1981, scored 28 goals in 40 games and played a leading role in defeating Everlasting River Plate. Maradona came back from a trip The European professional team of the Boca, to defend the blue and yellow shirt between 1996 and 1998, and increased his balance with the team to 35 goals.
In recognition of the legendary club of the legendary star, there is a private cabin or permanent permanent chair for Maradona set up in the stronghold of Pomponera, although the stadium has only 50,000 inhabitants. This place for Maradona has a meaningful signal, namely to be forever the most important player in the history of football and one of the affiliated clubs of the club.
Maradona has a far-fetched dream, he trains for Boca Juniors and has revealed on more than one occasion that he will wait for this dream: he accused the club leadership of having betrayed his history and passion for the club years ago when he introduced the technical apparatus. changed, The lenses take several historical photographs of Maradona and his family in his own taxi at the Pomponera, where he would like to follow the team's matches from this place, when he has the opportunity.

Al-Ittihad newspaper – Battle of the century … The inhabitants of Boca challenge the millionaires of the river!

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