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avoid the Icelandic faux pass

They keep their "Match reference". By winning "In bosses" On Saturday, January 19 against Spain, the French handball team not only retaliated after a loss in the semi-finals of the Croatian Euro, but it remained its power expansion in the optical qualifications for the semifinal of the World Cup.

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"This game gives us a lot of confidence, we played very well in the attack, it is our best game for a long time", Nikola Karabatic, greeted her "Surprise" to have been detained by his coach during this meeting to strike him, the unexpected return.

Vilipended on all sides – one «Back to prehistoric times» according to Philippe Bana, the French DTN – the format of the competition leaves little time for the French team to rest on its laurels. Hardly had the victory over the selection of the Iberian Peninsula been appreciated, that they had to prepare for the next dish.

Iceland will be waiting for the Blues from Sunday 20 January (at 20:30) for the second round of the main round. An opponent eliminated from the race to the semi-finals, such as Spain, after his defeat on Saturday against the German host (19-24). Considered the most affordable team in the main round, the northern island lost its first two games in the league against Greece and Spain, before qualifying after defeating Bahrain, Japan and Macedonia.

The injured Icelandic captain

Malefeasured according to the schedule, Iceland played Sunday's fourth game in five days, which caused the eruption of coach Gudmundur Gudmunsson. "We have to change all thisthundered the Icelandic Friday. The players need rest, it is necessary to change this calendar. We have played four games in five days and the only day off we had, we spent traveling. It is everything. "

By adding another stone to the critics of the competition formula, the coach invited all handball players "Do not just complain alone but talk about the problem".

In the hot arena of Cologne for nearly twenty minutes, the Icelanders suffered the German break just after losing their master play, Aron Palmarsson. Touched in the groin, half-center Barcelona is more than unsure for the match against the Blues.

This injury is reminiscent of the doctor's words from the France team a few days ago. "It is a heresyPierre Sebastien warned Wednesday, fearing an avalanche of muscle injuries, there will be more competition. We have fought for at least one day of rest between the games. And there, in a competition, we have the impression that everything has been erased, we return to duplicates and play five games in seven days. "

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"Do not take anyone light"

The controversy about the rhythm of hell required players is not ready to fall back. "It is difficult, French goalkeeper Vincent Gérard took up Friday after the transfer day between Berlin and Cologne. But we have a rich workforce and our playing time is relatively divided. "

Since the start of the game, Didier Dinart has been on his bench to put his entire group under pressure. "It is a fact that should not be neglected, it is complicated to managethe porter continues from Montpellier. But it can also be our strength for the rest of the competition. "

"This game against Spain is our first victory against a big contender, but nobody should be taken lightly", warns Ludovic Fabregas, in the oven and windmill Saturday against Spain. No way for Blues to mortgage their chances on semi-finals – synonyms at least the organization of an Olympic qualifying tournament at home – dropped into the Icelandic trap.

"The organisms have gone down a bit, euphemist Kentin Mahé. But we knew the ordeal that awaited us, and we have just passed half of it. " Another four games are waiting for the Blues which, if they want to play immediately, the Olympic qualification has no choice but to win the title. And ultimately it is played in the spirit. "The one who is mentally the coolest, ready to cash in all these pictures, will come true"Mahé insists.

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France – Iceland, Sunday 20 January at 8.30 pm (on BeIN Sports 1 and TMC)

Clément Martel (Cologne, special envoy)

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