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Art News: Salah the biggest beneficiary. 10 numbers from Egypt's four-team in Isawatini

Ahmed Ashraf

Egypt won an easy 4-0 victory over Isawati in the African Nations Cup qualification in the 2019 African Nations Cup qualifier.

Despite the decline in the performance of the pharaohs in the second half, but the game, the national team and the stars, led by Mohammed Salah, the star of the Liverpool team, reached many records.

reviews "Media dot org", 10 goals reached by Egypt after winning a four-day.

1. The start of Javier Aguirre tied the start of Hassan Shehata in the number of goals scored for Egypt in the first two official games, where Egypt scored in the first two games with Agiri against Niger and E Swatini 10 goals, the same number of goals under Egypt Hassan Shehata in the Libya and Sudan matches in the qualifying matches of the 2006 World Cup.

2. Mohamed Salah raised his goals to 13 goals in the African Nations qualifying matches to become the team's historic goal in the qualifying campaign, overtaking Hossam Hassan, who scored 12 goals.

3. "Salah" Mohammed Abu Treika's number became the third national scorer in history with 38 goals behind the pair Hossam Hassan and Hassan Al-Shazly.

4. Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet scored his first official goal in the national team of Egypt, his third with the national team after scoring in Equatorial Guinea 2015 and Guinea 2016.

5. Ahmed Mohammedi scored his third goals with Egypt, his second official goals since his goal against Benin in the African Nations Cup 2010.

6. Amr Warda scored his first goal in the Egyptian team for 21 games with the team.

7. The goal of Esotaini's team is the first goal for Egypt in Javier Aguirre.

8. Egypt played its first official match in Cairo since the Pharaoh & # 39; s meeting against Senegal on November 15, 2014 in the 2015 Nations Nations Cup qualifying matches.
9. The last time the pharaohs scored 10 or more goals in two consecutive games was in 2003.

10. The last time Egypt scored 4 goals in the first half was against Chad in November 2015, when the team won a clean four.

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