Argentina: Messi at the provisional low point – "No plan, no ideas"


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Messi at the provisional low point – "No plan, no ideas"

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Argentine fans between sorrow and hope

Argentina faces the preliminary round of the Copa America after their draw against Paraguay. It is essential to win against Qatar and the Gauchos fans hope for a miracle.

After a new embarrassment from the national team, the press is raging in Argentina. Ironically, Qatar now determines the fate of Lionel Messi. But even a victory against the emirate could not be enough for the quarterfinals.

L.Ionel Messi covered his face with his hands, as if he didn't want to see it again. The hope for a new start in the jersey of the Argentine national team is likely to become the Copa America for another disaster for the superstar. Messi knows what the visiting team from Qatar will do next Sunday (9 am / DAZN). "We don't have much time left. We have to keep looking for a team and improve," the captain told Paraguay after 1-1 on Wednesday evening.

With just one point, the real favorite is currently in last place in the group and must now win to have a chance to progress. A renewed disaster for the 14-time title winner, who had major problems before and during the World Championship last year: the qualification was made only at the last moment, in the second round of the tournament they stumbled on luck, but in the end she succeeded not to end up in France. ,

Even in a win against Qatar, the Argentines still need help. First of the already established group winner Colombia, against the group rival Paraguay that does not win, otherwise place two would be lost. And failing that, the Argentines should hope that their four points will be enough to be one of the two best group parts – a mode similar to that at the 2016 European Championships or the current Women's World Cup.

Currently it looks like it is stumbling again

Before the tournament, Messi was still ready to fight and be optimistic. "I don't want to end my career without winning a title with the national team. Life is tripping, getting up, trying again and fighting for his dream." It looks like it is tripping again. Messi had specially reversed his interim resignation from the national team to eventually win this big title with the Albiceleste.

Copa America Argentina - Paraguay

Lionel Messi cannot win with Argentina in the second Copa America competition. Now it threatens

Source: dpa / Natacha Pisarenko

All four finals in which he played were lost (World Cup 2014, three Copa America). A mistake in the otherwise successful career of the five-time world football player, which also damages his reputation – because despite a nominally superior occupation, it is always the Argentinian offensive that was disappointed in their performance.

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"There is no plan, there are no ideas, it doesn't look like a team," the sports magazine "Olé" raged in the house and demanded: "Stop suffering." What happens to Messi in a preliminary round is open. The Superstar is almost 32 years old, he would probably still participate in the Copa America in the coming year. In the following year in 2024 he would already be 37.

But perhaps the question does not even arise if Messi wants to fulfill his title hunger again during a World Cup. The newspaper "La Nación" reported serious doubts, even during qualification

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