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Analysis of the quarterfinals of the Champions League

We have not seen any strong confrontations in the draw for the Champions League final with the exception of Barcelona and Manchester United. The rest of the competitions are tough on both sides, but the difference in quality is clearly in favor of one party at the expense of the other.

The European Union has decided in this version to pre-sign the semi-final draw, without waiting to determine the qualification as was the case in previous years, and we can see a strong clash between Manchester City against Juventus and Barcelona against Liverpool at the Golden Square as the wish of football fans.

Here we will try to quickly analyze the four meetings in the quarterfinals:

Ajax against Juventus

If Juventus did not have a Cristiano Ronaldo, it would have been unfair to place the old lady in front of the match because Ajax proved that he had all the weapons he would use to defeat any opponent, but the presence of the Madeira rocket, which has written history in a of Europe & # 39; s strongest defenses. , His team always makes the candidate to win.

It is difficult to keep Ajax's defense against Cristiano Ronaldo, because the Dutch team had clear problems in the back line against Real Madrid and his return was threatened with failure, were it not for the Real Madrid attackers handling the attacks, and the team clearly has problems with crossballs Which Juventus has optimally implemented this season.

If Ajax wants to increase his fortune by qualifying, he must take advantage of the chances he will make in the first match at home, especially in the first half, because Juventus will not create many chances as he did against the defending Real Madrid.

Liverpool vs Porto

Coach Juergen Klopp's men can drop Porto off the first leg if they play the same bet as against Bayern Munich, but that is not guaranteed because the team has not been consistent in recent weeks and sometimes we see very bad matches.

The difference in quality between the two teams is very clear in favor of the Reds, but it should be noted that it is not very big, Porto also has an excellent team that is similar to Liverpool in some centers. The team must therefore tackle the game as if it is a big opponent and not just a Portuguese team. To see a surprise during this meeting.

Tottenham versus Manchester City

Some may think it is almost certain for the Cetizens, but in fact the game is not easy for Pep Guardiola and his men, because Tottenham has already won Manchester City and one of the strongest English teams in recent years, and therefore it has no meaning to nominate the majority of the city, even if it has the majority of data in its favor.

One of the most important things to say for this match is that Manchester City has fought on three fronts in the last two months of the season. They have a long marathon with Liverpool at the top of the Premier League and are still taking part in the UEFA Cup, Tottenham reserves a four-seater seat in the Premiership, so the pressure will be lower.

The competition is very bad for Tottenham because it is going through a difficult period in terms of results and performance. Pep Guardiola outperformed Mauricio Puccitino in the last 3 meetings, so the city is closest to qualifying, but the tracks are not too weak.

Manchester United against Barcelona

As we discussed in the analysis of the Juventus game, the presence of Lionel Messi Barcelona makes an extraordinary candidate against every team, especially as the Catalan team strives to win the Champions League more than any other championship this season, while the coming from Manchester United for this role is a great achievement given the difficult circumstances What he has experienced since the start of the season.

This of course does not mean that the Red Devils will play Barcelona, ​​the team is able to beat Barça, if not the last of his day, or if not Messi at his best Coach Ole Gunnar Solshire has shown what he can do since Het when the team received it.

Barcelona has recently achieved a balanced defense and attacking level, but the team is not free of problems, and we have seen that against Lyon and Real Madrid, and Manchester United should try to play on the Barca's weaknesses and not overdoing the defense, there must be attacking initiatives from time to time to not let it challenge him to play quietly the way he wants.

The speed of the attack by Manchester United is the most important weapon in the hands of Solshire against Barcelona, ​​the best of his chances will increase a lot, and from now until the first game, he must look for defensive errors as much as possible , because the Barca this season is relentless when it has the ability to eliminate His opponent, even though he didn't make a big party.

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