Al-Sheikh: I have left the Arab Union. And competition in the competition between Zamalek and Pyramids – in the Joule


Al-Sheikh Al-Sheikh, the owner of the pyramids, revealed that next year he would leave the presidency of the Arab League because of the possibility of club participation in the Arab championship next season.

"The Arab League Presidency has not added me," Al-Shaikh told Al-Luaib, "The idea of ​​pyramids joining the Arab championship next season means conflicts of interest, so I can leave the post."

"I hope that Pyramids will reach the FIFA Club World Cup for the Saudi clubs, this is one of our goals, Zamalek has already arrived, but I hope this will be achieved for the Saudi clubs."

"I see that competition in the competition between pyramids and Zamalek, and I see that Zamalek is the closest in the area."

"My friends are agents of international and professional players and they called me crazy to invest in this time and place." They told me that if I had invested in France or England, I would have earned a return and had satisfied my passion. "

But he added: "My responsibility as President of the Arab Union and someone who wants to create something in an Arab country, I have found nothing better than Egypt.

"I started as Honorary President of Ahli and then we took steps to buy Tersana before we got the chance."

Al-Sheikh and Hossam Al-Badri, head of the staff of the club, revealed their position at the beginning of the establishment of the club.

"I am very happy to be part of this experience, I was in South Africa on the verge of signing with Kaiser Chaves before talking to Al Sheikh and I agreed with the idea", said Badri to Al-Luaib. on MBC Egypt.

Al-Sheikh said: "Badri is not concerned about materialism, the supply in South Africa was higher."

"All the years I spent in football management, but this experience has brought me a lot of professionalism," he said.

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