Al-Shaikh: Is it permissible to demand that my family Jeddah has paid his rights three times with the penalties? – In the Joule


Turki Al-Sheikh, president of the Arab Federation and owner of the pyramid club, asked: "Is it politely for Al Ahli to ask Ahly Jeddah to pay a penalty clause after he has paid his rights three times?"

"Al-Saeed's contract was over with Al-Ahly and the player signed for Zamalek before Al-Ahly came to me," Al-Sheikh told Al-Ahly on the EN Sports channel.

"I helped them and renewed the luck for the team and then decided not to take the offer, I got an offer from the Finnish competition and traveled there and paid his salary, then they went back and decided to go back.

"They said we had to put an amount in the contract to satisfy the public, so we put a million dollars in the contract, so I paid the value of Abdullah al-Saeed three times."

The owner of the pyramid club followed: "So, is it literature, logic and taste, to ask my family Jeddah to go to the penalty clause and to FIFA?"

Tannaswa added that the honorary president of Saudi Ahli is Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal, an exaggeration in the 260 million and ten with Al-Saeed.

"I fell in love with Ahli and there is no doubt about the legal aspect of the legality of preventing a particular player from registering with a specific team."

Abdullah Al-Saeed had moved to Ahly Jeddah earlier this season before moving to Pyramids during the January transfer window.

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