Accusation "bullying": referee Patrick Ittrich of Bundesliga criticized players


Frankfurt –

On August 16, the Bundesliga starts the new season with the match of the record champions FC Bayern Munich against Hertha BSC. Now, however, there is a referee in the first division!

Patrick Ittrich (40) from Hamburg criticizes the advantages of the Bundesliga clubs for their behavior.

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Bundesliga estimator Patrick Ittrich criticized professionals

Ittrich criticizes the behavior of the players on the lawn. The problem is "the referee's approach, FIFA says to" Mobbing of the Referee, "the referee said.

"When, after completely clear decisions, five or six men arrive and want to tell you something. It bothers me," Ittrich says, adding, "We need to figure out how to deal with it." Of course he likes to talk to the captain, he said.

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Patrick Ittrich announces consequences

The referee also criticizes the behavior of some coaches on the sidelines against the referees. Ittrich hopes for consequences: "The subject could help us to show coaches and all officials of the new season so that the behavior of the coaches becomes more visible."

With educational measures that Ittrich now knows well. The referee is a police officer in Hamburg.

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