& # 39; We are feared & # 39; What fans of Leeds, West Brom, Aston Villa & Derby say about play-offs


The championship play-offs are on the horizon and it is a four-way away game between Leeds United, West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa and Derby County.

Leeds travels to Derby & Pride Park for the first leg of their semi-final on Saturday, while West Brom, who was beaten 3-1 by the Rams over the weekend, makes the short trip to Villa Park.

Dean Smith & # 39; s Villa signed the regular season with their unbeaten series that ended against champions Norwich City.

Here's what fans from every side are saying before the confrontation to reach the Premier League.

Leeds fans

@ Smeddy69: So we are a bit out of shape but we seem to play better against the top teams and we have 3 points from West Brom, 4 points from Villa & 6 points from Derby. Bring the playoffs.

@ Casco28: For an odd reason, I am more confident that we can still go through the playoffs. more than the chance we ever had with automatic promotion.

@ Rolo2rolo: Watch Derby celebrations just to play in play-offs and here we behave as if the world had ended when we had our highest championship final. Preventing not automatically winning, but now more than ever we get behind the boys and move on.

@LeedsUtdRyan: It was a frustrating day to be a Leeds United fan, but I wouldn't plan to support them for the world. You have faith that we can do something in the play-offs.

@ DJcaird85: Can't pretend I'm not absolutely masonry, but … Here we go ladies and gentlemen, let the roller coaster of emotion begin.

West Brom fans

@Mark_shortcuts : Seems to be one of the few here, but I would like us to win the play-offs. Villa in the playoffs? If you can't enjoy games like this, you're dead inside.

@Ggrubbie: I just watched the game. Yet another tragic show where the players apparently have no idea what system we are playing or where we are meant during the build-up. If we win the play-offs, this competition is a joke; that said, we have absolutely no chance.

@ Beechyboy90: No HRK for play-offs, so that means that we are dependent on the young Morgan Rogers #WBA, we have to start binding young people to long-term contracts. If we bottle the playoffs (strong evidence this season that we will), we will need the youth more than ever next year.

@Wbaboy: #wba have been in play-offs a few times, but never as the 4th best side. I hope we can keep some dignity and start again next season.

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Villa fans

@Villalouavfc: Switch on the play-offs.

@ LeeInman4: Admit that you are not staying for the Norwich presentation, worthy league winners, but #avfc wanted to ruin and beat the party. That was no different than the hope that seeing their celebrations contributes to the motivation of our players (if that was no longer needed) to succeed in the playoffs and win at Wembley.

@Villamouse: We played a changed team (although not weak). But we played in 2nd gear. We played #ncfc who now earn league champions. Maybe we should have taken a point. Am I worried about the playoffs? No, we are the team that should fear. Come on, villa boys!


@ Holteender12: Season ready! So many ups and downs and the hell of the playoffs over! Baggies at home and away! The roller coaster continues!

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Derby fans

@MilesWheller: @EFL may be the biggest playoffs ever – 3 founding members #AVFC #DCFC #WBAFC, and even Leeds has a bit of history.

@ Lightweight_88: In case you missed #dcfc in the playoffs … next Saturday we welcome a small Yorkshire club for 90 minutes of entertainment! COYR!

@Navsidwho: Massively proud of the fact that Derby made the playoffs, showed an incredible character in the last 5 games to cross the line. It has been a pleasant season and Frank has an image of young players.

@LeoCorders: Great win. Hopefully this year the momentum is in our favor, pleased that Mason Bennett also got his moment as a local boy. Regardless of what happens in the playoffs, Lampard was a relief and has restored hope. Now to Leeds!

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