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20 minutes – "At least now I can put flowers on the grave"

In the midst of grief for the fatal Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala, his father has been happy to see the body recover. "We finally know that we will have him here," Horacio Sala said on Friday the AFP news agency in Progreso, the home village of the dead rush in Argentina. "We will put a flower on his grave and always remember him."

The corpse is recovered from a crashed plane with sala on board

Responsible, Horacio Sala was revealed that his son had been killed so early. "That's incredibly sad." His career was "very short", too short, he said. Emiliano had always remained modest, a man from the village where he lived between three and fifteen years.

Two and a half weeks after the plane crashed over the English Channel, the footballer's body was identified on Thursday. When the body was transferred to Progreso, it had not yet been determined.




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