Sports Summer Camp: Sporty holiday program builds bridges


With the active support of the city of Schweinfurt in the person of the second mayor Sorya Lippert and the city youth welfare office, the Ideal Association for Sport Communication and Education (ISB) has put together a short-term, sporty but also international holiday program with the International Sports Summer Camp. As many holiday and leisure activities cannot take place this year as planned, many children are at risk of losing contact with their peers and also neglecting movement, according to a press release. This is where the ISB’s offer comes in, but even goes one step further.

Supervisor from India

The International Sports Summer Camp for children and adolescents is taking place in Schweinfurt on the site of the German family association Bavaria, local association Schweinfurt. What is unusual about the offer is not only the accompanying circumstances that the corona pandemic still brings with it, but also the personal support in the implementation of the offer. The specialists at the ISB are supported by international students from the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences and young, committed players from the cricket team of the Schweinfurt gymnastics community from India and Afghanistan.

In this way, it is not only possible to give the children fun in exercise, to introduce new sports in theory as well as in practice and the sports club system, but also to create a bridge between the different cultures and to promote engagement. Martina Artes, Senior Education Officer at the ISB and project management, draws an interim conclusion: “Everyone brings their own ideas and new perspectives, we complement each other perfectly. Of course, this also has positive effects on the teamwork of the children.”

Cricket units

A special highlight of the measure is surely the cricket units. These serve to bring the Indian and Afghan national sport closer to the children and possibly lay the foundation for a future youth cricket team in the long term. “The holiday program is a great opportunity for us to pass on our passion for cricket sport to children from Schweinfurt”, says the team manager of the TG cricket team, Minto Mathew. Further joint campaigns between the cricket boys and the ISB for recruiting youngsters are already being planned.

The Union

The Ideal Association for Sports Communication and Education (ISB) is a non-profit association with the aim of achieving health for everyone through exercise, play and sports. The ISB sees itself as a modern, innovative service provider that offers effective, high-quality and attractive offers based on charitable and professionalism in sport. The club’s flagship is the Moving All-Day School program, which is now being implemented not only at the self-operated model locations in and around Schweinfurt, but also through advice from other sports clubs across the country. Since the foundation on December 2nd, 2007 in Schweinfurt, the association has grown steadily ?? especially with regard to the different offers and the associated quality.

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