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From Jürgen Kemmner September 15, 2020 – 5:31 pm

In addition to victories and defeats, there are also plenty of absurd, weird and funny things in the world of sport. That’s why our sports editorial team chooses the sports friend of the day with a wink every day. Today: Lothar Matthäus and his relationship to money.

Lothar Matthäus earned a lot of money not only playing football. The main thing was: it has to be fun.

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Stuttgart – David Alaba is first and foremost a footballer, but the man also has a knack for playing poker. The Austrian is currently playing a game with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the boss of his employer FC Bayern. Midfield Monster, as they might call Alaba in poker jargon, is currently pushing the stake up and acting casually as if he were holding a royal flush, whereas his counterpart Munich Kalle suspects that it is just a full house . In footballing terms: Alaba is demanding an annual salary of 20 million euros – no one gets more with the Champions League winner – Bayern are offering eleven million euros plus bonuses of up to six million euros.

Money, money, always just money. It is urgently necessary that a man straighten things out. And who could do that better than Lothar Matthäus, the German record international, the Franconian all-purpose weapon? “If it really is the case that he is only interested in getting more salary, that would not be the smartest decision in my eyes,” said Matthäus. “Money shouldn’t be the most important criterion.” Feeling good is more important! That was also the case with the 59-year-old, money was a by-product of his always comfortable activities as a footballer on and off the pitch. He made millions with joy playing football, he earned with funny stock deals, he made it with happy advertising, including spots for the online portal “Poker 770”. If Munich Kalle needs help with poker, he has to call Lothar Matthäus – he is always happy to help. Betting?


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