Sport Jose Mourinho as coach at Bayern Munich? A candidate...

Jose Mourinho as coach at Bayern Munich? A candidate would "come"


Who will be the successor to Niko Kovac at Bayern? There is no secret by star coach about his interest in the prominent position.

  • After separation Niko Kovac will Hansi Flick the Bayern Munich serve as interim coach. t
  • The club is looking for a successor who can start this year.
  • The rumors about it José Mourinho not stop Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Update of 6 November, 2019: José Mourinho it is not known for cheating around the bush. Nor did his counselor do this.

similar SkySports he clarified:José Mourinho I would very much like Bayern "And not only that, the star coach wants to work with absolute football experts like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneß in the future. "

There is no doubt that Portuguese leaves open and buys the boss of Bayern. The successor we really are Niko Kovac? There are many candidates in the conversation. Who can do that FCB big titles to lead to it again? In previous history, there are many big names. The Championship Series is announced on Wednesday. We are in the live ticket. Does Hansi Flick have courageous merit?

"There is still a demand for Bavaria": Schweinsteiger rumors go under Mourinho as Kovac's successor t

First notification of 4 November 2019: Munich – hot speculation is to give the coach Bayern as a successor to a hat Niko Kovac. Of course, these solutions may not be very large since the record champion is not missing.

Many candidates are traded. Including good names like Massimiliano Allegri, Arsene Wenger, Laurent Blanc or just as well José MourinhoIronically, the Real Coach has long been at the forefront of bookmakers and locals have no say but Bayern icon the rumors about their participation in Germany. Bastian Schweinsteiger,

Bayern searches Kovac's successor: José Mourinho is heavily traded

"In any case, I can imagine José Mourinho in Germany. I well remember that he always asked me about Bayern and the Bundesliga," Schweinsteiger said his time met at Manchester United, when the Portuguese was his coach. "He also learned German at the time. He didn't work in the Bunesliga, so I can imagine that he would have been attracted to Germany." This showed the global aftermath in an interview with the Sonntag Bild.

While in this conversation rather than a coaching job at Borussia Dortmund the topic, but after separation Niko Kovac, * which reports on the background, the statements appear in a different light.

Kovac successor: says the best choice with Bayern – What options are still there?

FC's favorite Erik lost ten Hag's cable on Monday night. The Dutchman in the saddle is firmly at Ajax Amsterdam and is not available as a quick solution. Hansi Flick is reported as sitting only two games as the main coach on the Bayern Bank. But he gets support from one, maybe even one, full club legends, but then he's over and Munich needs a new coach. However, there are only qualified trainers, who are currently without a club. Mourinho would be one of them.

It can be said that the holder of the record wishes to choose an experienced man and have a definite number, at least for the remainder of the current season. José Mourinho is certainly one of the best coaches on the market, one wants to keep him and his playing style what he wants. However, it is so easy to say that the third alpha animal, as well as Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, are not too large.


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