Spiritual groups back nun and Marcos film

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The most important Philippine convention of superiors has expressed assistance for the Cebu Carmelite nuns, declaring the CMSP is “deeply disturbed and deeply worried” by how the “Maid of Malacañang” movie is “deeply disturbed and deeply involved” by scenes depicting them and the late Play Mahjong with previous President Corey Aquino.

The team, previously the Affiliation of Important Spiritual Leaders of the Philippines, explained in a statement that its customers expressed solidarity with the Barefoot Carmelite Sisters in their quest for real truth and justice for the controversial movie.

“Trustworthy to their mission, they prayed, fasted and vigiled for the mercy of God and the light-weight of our country. A vicious assault on the integrity of the nuns is an affront to all consecrated women and damages the unity of the full Church,” CMSP reported .

CMSP also urged moviegoers to check out “The Maid of Malacañang” as fiction, fairly than a real account of historic gatherings connected to the “non-violent” EDSA People’s Electricity Rebellion of 1986. The group stressed that the movie distorted the real truth and had the opportunity to mislead folks, primarily young individuals.

“In a culture wherever phony information, disinformation, misinformation and the peddling of lies are the norm and pure, talking the truth of the matter, representing the fact and defending the reality is a ethical essential,” CMSP stated.

The group vowed to continue to be vigilant and reiterated its motivation to reject and condemn any form of “distortion of record” as it emphasises that the truth will set the country totally free.

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