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Spike colors can be mixed within the team from 2022

“Super Pony Action” will be announced in 2019, and “Super Pony Action 2” will be announced in 2020. A yellow card system that prohibits the angry and swearing of leaders and parents, and a scholarship system that supports children’s dreams The Japan Pony Baseball Association (hereinafter referred to as the Pony League), which has been promoting its own initiatives such as these, is said to embark on new initiatives in 2022.

Starting this year in earnest is an initiative to allow the wearing of long pants as a uniform and the mixed colors of spikes within the team.

Speaking of elementary, junior high and high school uniforms, the “old style” that shows stockings in knee-length pants is the mainstream. However, looking at the domestic and foreign professional leagues that children long for, many of the players wear long pants. At the same time, some players are able to choose their style freely, such as some players sticking to the old style. Therefore, in the Pony League, we decided to allow children to wear long pants ahead of other leagues in order to accept the consciousness that children can freely express their individuality.

The Chigasaki Black Caps, which was launched in 2021 in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, respects the opinions of children who want to play baseball in the same style as their favorite players. After consulting with former Secretary-General Nasu of the Pony League, he said that he decided to belong to the Pony League because he was flexible enough to wear long pants.

The provision that it is not necessary to unify the colors of spikes as a team is in operation


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