Speedy hyperspectral spectral imaging

The ground breaking structure of the Monarc™ method enables effective and rapid acquisition of spatial and spectral (shade) information delivered by using cathodoluminescence (CL) alerts. These characteristics offer new and expanded insight into mineralogical procedures.


A CL microscope analyzes the gentle emitted by gems or minerals when enthusiastic applying an electron resource. This procedure is extensively identified as a practical and integral aspect of the microanalytical toolkit.

CL microscopy provides in-depth insight into the geological record of the area. Hence, this method is greatly made use of for identifying the origin of minerals, such as geochronology and metamorphic alteration reports.

Just lately, CL microscopy has also been adopted for thermobarometric measurements as component of petrology apps.

A lot of CL detectors accumulate spatial details in the sort of unfiltered (black-and-white) illustrations or photos, but expanded accessibility to beneficial and simple-to-interpret facts has led to unfiltered coloration CL imaging in recent yrs. outdated by imaging.

In spite of its advantages and recognition, coloration imaging offers only constrained spectral info, which hinders quantitative examination, identification of trace elements, and limits the means to decide valences and structural positions.

Hyperspectral imaging (spectral imaging) collates this as a spectral image or hyperspectral information cube and delivers quite a few pros because of to its means to acquire the comprehensive array of spatial and spectral information in a one knowledge set. has prolonged been regarded.

Even so, the acceptance and implementation of CL spectral imaging in geosciences stays lower, generally thanks to the gradual acquisition pace.

materials and strategy

A normal scanning electron microscope (SEM) will work by scanning an electron beam across a sample and collecting a wavelength-settled spectrum (spectral impression) at every place.

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The spectral images attained typically exceeded the spectral resolution necessities of distinct purposes, but tended to be restricted in spatial resolution owing to longer acquisition occasions.

The Monarc detector delivers a new acquisition normal that employs its ultrafast detector to accumulate a series of (aligned) wavelength-filtered maps used to construct a hyperspectral details dice. This method can considerably lower acquisition time though still enabling high spatial sampling.

Determine 1 compares two hyperspectral visuals of polished zircon particles. These were being captured with wavelength-filtered spectral imaging and traditional wavelength-solved modes on the Monarc detector.

Determine 1. A legitimate-color representation of spectral photos captured in the wavelength-settled and wavelength-filtered modes of the Monarc detector. Both of those datasets ended up acquired in 150 seconds. Image credit: Gatan Inc.

A comparison of the extracted spectra reveals that all spectral features can be detected inspite of the limited wavelength sampling in the wavelength filter method (42 channels).

Monarc’s proprietary detection process facilitates more than 70x spatial sampling, making it possible for you to investigate moment banding buildings in your samples.


The new wavelength-filtered spectral imaging method of the Monarc detector lets you to collect hyperspectral details up to 100x faster or with 100x better spatial sampling than other CL detectors.

This key progress is envisioned to permit hyperspectral imaging to change classic colour and black-and-white CL imaging modes, permitting experts to also obtain perception into mineralogical procedures by means of CL microscopy.

This facts has been compiled with reference to supplies supplied by Gatan Inc.

For additional data on this supply, visit Gatan Inc.

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