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Special program broadcast decision!

Thorough explanation of the charm of the work!Overseas castMasaaki FujiokaComments have arrived!
A special duet that will be unveiled for the first timeLook at the seaTalks about his longing for Ramin Karimloo !!

Performed by Hayato Kakizawa, Hironobu Miyahara (LE VELVETS), Maasa Takahashi
“Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert”
To commemorate the event, it will be broadcast on BS Nippon Television / WOWOW!

In this program, it is also the cast of this performance and has outstanding singing abilityHayato KakizawaWhenTHE VELVETSofHironobu Miyahara, A free announcer who loves to sing as a program MCMaasa TakahashiBut at Tokyu Theater Orb“Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert”I will talk about the charm of.

In addition, play the leading roleMichael K. LeeAnd Herod the GreatMasaaki FujiokaIntroducing the attractiveness of the work and the comments of expectations for the performance. Also,Ramin KarimlooWhenCelinde Schoen MackerButSpecial duetSpecial show!And the former Takarazuka Revue Snow Troupe top star who just left the group in AprilLook at the seaWe asked him about his feelings for Ramin Karimloo. “I’m drawn in from the moment I start singing. I’m fascinated by the joy, sadness, and emotions that rush in and make me feel like I’m surrounded by the waves of the song,” Ramin said. We have high expectations for performance.

While unraveling the charm of the work and music, we will convey the charm of the work to everyone, not only musical enthusiasts, but also those who want to see musicals, those who like rock music, etc. .. looking forward to!

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▼ BS Nippon Television “Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert Miraculous Stage Talked by Top Stars” (30-minute program)

[Cast]Hayato Kakizawa, Hironobu Miyahara (LE VELVETS), Maasa Takahashi
[Comment appearance]Michael K. Lee, Ramin Karimloo, Masaaki Fujioka, Nozomi Futo and others
[Broadcast schedule]June 20 (Sun) 14: 00-14: 30
June 27 (Sun) 23: 00-23: 30 (rebroadcast)

▼ WOWOW “Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert” Thorough Navigation (10-minute program)

[Cast]Hayato Kakizawa, Hironobu Miyahara (LE VELVETS), Maasa Takahashi
[Comment appearance]Michael K. Lee, Ramin Karimloo, Masaaki Fujioka, Nozomi Futo and others
[Broadcast schedule]Scheduled to be rebroadcast 7 times after 14: 20-14: 30 on Friday, July 2

“Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert”※Student performance/English performance/Japanese subtitles
July 12th (Mon) -27th (Tue), 2021 Tokyu Theater Orb (Shibuya Hikarie 11th floor)

The legendary stage that caught the viewer in a whirlpool of enthusiasm is revived!
Andrew Lloyd Webber, a genius musician known for “Cats” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” and Tim Rice, a lyricist who worked on “Aladdin” and “Beauty and the Beast,” created a tag team in their early twenties. “Jesus Christ Superstar”.
A sensational rock musical depicting the final seven days before Jesus Christ was crucified will be back with even more power as a full-length English singing concert with a super-luxury cast!

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