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McDonald’s Japan will release Happy Meal “Tabekko Animal” and “Pokemon Mezasta” at McDonald’s stores nationwide from March 4th for a limited time. The price of Happy Meal starts from 470 yen (tax included). Prices may vary at some stores. McDonald’s original coloring pages and stickers will appear in “Tabekko Animal”. In addition, “Pokemon Mezasta” will develop a special design tag that can be used on game machines and is a combination of popular Pokemon and the legendary and phantom Pokemon of the Sinnoh region.

Following the happy sets “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z” and “Moomin” sold in February, new happy sets “Tabekko Animal” and “Pokemon Mezasta” will appear in March. Continuing from the previous time, the two series will be deployed at the same time this time, and each will be deployed for about two weeks from March 4th. There are 5 types of toys available. Each toy is limited in quantity and will end as soon as it runs out.

In our magazine, as a series of “I played with Happy Meal a little earlier!”, I experienced the new Happy Meal toys prior to the announcement and delivered a photo report of each toy. This time as well, I was able to play the toy samples of the happy set “Tabekko Animal” and “Pokemon Mezasta” ahead of time, so I would like to tell you the fun of it immediately.

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The happy set “Tabekko Animal” introduced in this article is developed in a slightly different style from the usual style, and it was a project born in collaboration with the ginbis biscuit confectionery “Tabekko Animal”. ing.

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Coloring pages and stickers will be available in this happy set “Tabekko Animal”. Coloring and English conversation quizzes with illustrations of Lion-kun, Rabbit-san, Elephant-san, Kaba-san, Kirin-san, and their friends, who are also popular as characters of “Tabekko Animal”, are posted many times. Contains stickers that you can play with.

As many of you know, this “Tabekko Animal” is a long-selling biscuit that Ginbis has been selling since 1978. It is sold not only in Japan but also in more than 20 countries around the world, and has been loved by people for more than 40 years since its release. One of its features is that the biscuits in the shape of various animals are printed with their names in English.

This is not the toy that comes with Happy Meal, but the sweet “Tabekko Animal” sold by Ginbis.

It is also a point common to both the happy set “Pokemon Mezasta” and “Tabekko Animal”, but both of them are mainly collaborations, so as usual, the toy itself has a special theme. Etc. are not set. However, like any other Happy Meal, it has been firmly taken over in terms of having fun with friends and family.

The happy set “Pokemon Mezasta” that will be released at the same time is introduced in a separate article, so please have a look at that as well.

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