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Education, according to the law, must meet the needs of people with some type of disability.

July 20, 2021 – 01h01

The Organic Law of Intercultural Education (LOEI), responding to an inclusive ordinary education for students of different ages with or without special needs corresponding to their educational level, creates a diversity of opportunities.

Educational institutions are governed by compliance with this law and in Chapter VI it establishes that formal and informal education must meet the needs of people with some type of affective, cognitive and psychomotor disability. Which is monitored by the authorities. The State creates support institutions such as the Department of Student Counseling (DECE), with specialists in each institution, who direct the pedagogical work to be carried out with this specific group of students. The concern of the educational system to train teachers and monitor their compliance is evident. In certain cases, compliance with curricular adaptation is an additional workload for each course in educational institutions. For tutors, such as subject teachers, they make modifications to the content with easy-to-understand activities and thus follow up on each protagonist of this process. (OR)

Roberto Camana Fiallos, Systems engineer, professor, Ambato

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