Spanish scientists: Indoor concerts do not affect the rate of spread of covid

Rostov region, May 28, 2021. DON24.RU. Indoor concerts do not result in covid outbreaks. This is the conclusion reached by Spanish doctors, writes TASS with reference to The Lancet Infectious Diseases magazine.

“We have received the first evidence that indoor concerts can be performed without fear of increasing the rate of infection. On the other hand, it is important to understand that we organized these experiments at a time when the number of infected people in Spain was relatively low. Therefore, we admit that in other situations the opposite may occur, “- quotes the source of the words of a researcher at the University Hospital Germans Trias and Puyol Josep Llibe.

In their study, doctors tracked how the coronavirus spread at a music festival held at a major concert hall in Barcelona in December 2020. They concluded that the event did not cause an increase in the incidence.

Recall that the vaccine against covid is going to be included in the national vaccination calendar.

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