Spain and Niger sign a new country association framework focused on education, health, gender and agriculture – Niger

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, and his Nigerien counterpart, Hassoumi Massaoudou, have signed a new Country Partnership Framework (MAP) for the years 2023-2027 that will focus on promoting education, health , gender and agriculture in Nigeria through the support of the Spanish Cooperation. This MAP comes to update the previous one, which covered the period 2014-2016 and which had been extended until the meeting of the Mixed Commission on January 11, held during Minister Albares’ tour of Nigeria, Niger and Guinea Bissau.

During the signing, the Nigerien delegation highlighted the importance of the contribution of bilateral cooperation to national development, expressing its gratitude to Spain for its commitment and support in the development of a cooperation program in the following areas of common interest for the period 2023 -2027: rural development and irrigation; socioeconomic development; Health; education, especially for girls, and vocational training; food safety; Equality between men and women. These areas correspond mainly to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

“Eradication of poverty”
“Fight against hunger
“Access to health”
“Access to quality education”
“Equality of the sexes”
“Innovation and infrastructure”

The environment is also considered as an essential factor in the framework of a sustainable development approach in Niger, given its cross-cutting nature. Interaction and impacts are multisectoral aspects that are integral parts of the environmental approach. The Spanish experience, knowledge and added value in the field of renewable energy or irrigation are important aspects to be taken advantage of by Niger.

It is estimated that the Spanish ODA for the MAP period 2023-2027 dedicated to Niger will be around 60 million euros, with 40% of the total resources estimated for this period reimbursable cooperation funds. The two approved credit operations are managed through the Development Promotion Fund (FONPRODE).

This new MAP has placed special emphasis on the principle of ownership by the Nigerien authorities. For the period 2023-2027, the two delegations reaffirm their commitment to the principles of the Paris Agenda on Aid Effectiveness and will seek to improve their work in relation to the principles of managing for results and inclusive partnerships. Spanish Cooperation will adopt a flexible approach adapted to the evolution of the reality on the ground.

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The evaluation of the previous MAP 2014-2016 (extended) allows us to appreciate that the results significantly exceeded the forecasts and it was concluded that close to 90% of the resources were applied to prioritized sectors in it. The climatic conditions, the geopolitical and economic situation, and those derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation of vulnerability of the displaced, emigrated or refugee population, make Niger a country that will probably continue to need humanitarian interventions.

The Country Association Framework is based on added value not only as a response to the needs of the most vulnerable people, but also as a catalyst for an integrated nexus approach (humanitarian-development-stabilization/peace) in the fragile areas of intervention. This guarantees the dignity of people, the protection of their rights, social cohesion and the presence of the State, all while respecting the humanitarian principles that guide humanitarian action.

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