Soursop leaf tea is useful for treating diabetes mellitus

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Diabetes mellitus, a disease that must be treated immediately so as not to get worse. Soursop leaf tea is effective in helping to relieve diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus or better known as diabetes, is not a foreign disease for some people in the country.

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Because, diabetes mellitus is one type of disease that is commonly suffered by the community.

Quoting from a book entitled Care Your Self: Diabetes Mellitus, a person is said to have diabetes mellitus if the blood sugar level is greater than 200 mg/dl.

Diabetes mellitus is caused by the inactive production of the hormone insulin from Langerhans gland cells in the pancreas.

This condition occurs due to the shrinking number of insulin-producing cells.

But there is also someone who suffers from diabetes mellitus even though the number of insulin hormone cells is sufficient. This is because insulin is not efficient and the body is not able to oxidize glucose into energy.

Diabetes Mellitus is triggered by many factors, namely, heredity, the use of certain drugs, unhealthy lifestyles, and obesity.

You need to know, diabetes mellitus must be treated immediately. If not, this disease will eat away at the sufferer’s body.

There are several ways to lower blood sugar levels for people with diabetes mellitus. First, patients can exercise regularly.

Second, sufferers must eat foods that do not trigger an increase in blood sugar. Third, patients can take prescription drugs.

If you don’t want to take chemical drugs, people with diabetes mellitus can take herbal medicines.

Soursop leaf tea herbal medicine diabetes mellitus

One of the herbal medicines that can treat diabetes mellitus is soursop leaves.

Quoting from the book entitled The Miracle of Herbs by dr. Prapto Utami, Desty Ervira Puspaningtyas, S.Gz, soursop leaves contain calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B, C, tannins, phytosterols, calcium oxalate, and murisine alkaloids.

Quoting from, soursop leaves contain matnolic which works in the pancreas to help produce insulin so that blood sugar levels are controlled.

You can consume soursop leaves by processing them into tea. How to make soursop leaf tea is quite easy, you can make it yourself at home.

You prepare two to five fresh soursop leaves. You wash the soursop leaves until clean and then boil with three cups of water until it boils.

You cool the boiled water soursop leaves. You drink soursop leaf tea twice a day on a regular basis.

In addition to consuming this herbal tea, you should avoid foods and drinks that can trigger an increase in sugar levels.

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