“Sophie Davant was never the driving force behind this show”

Last summer you left the program “Affaire concluded”. Are you missing it?

“Deal done” does not miss me, on the other hand, I miss the atmosphere of the shootings. But when I see what the show has become, nothing is missing! (laughs) We no longer recognize the buyers because there are so many, it’s overplayed and the last prime-time took a tin in the audiences! This is the Waterloo of “Deal concluded”! It’s ridiculous what they did in disguise. Would have Club Med GOs, without the madness, the fun. The only one who stood out is Harold, and Julien of course. I would have refused. It pains me to see what happened to it, I worked really hard for this show. It’s sad, it was a beautiful popular show that was about History. There is no more historical contribution, we are more into buying and selling, we no longer explain the object.

Do you think the “Deal” machine is rusty?

It’s finish ! There is no more driving element. The historical producer, the one who put in a bit of madness, found the objects, left. The objects are less and less beautiful… Sophie (Davant), who is my friend, has never been the driving force of this show. Then, you kidnap a guy like Pierre-Jean Chalençon or a guy called Julien Cohen, who is solar, you break the engine. I was there every day, he still is. But without a buddy, you’re dead. Him pissed off. The buyers around him have no charisma, they do not set the mood, even if they are cool. You need characters! I love the people on the team, most of the time they come to eat here, but if tomorrow there is no longer the show, after three months we will no longer know who it is. We need leaders!

>>> Pierre-Jean Chalençon does not stop there with Deal concluded: to read in your MAX magazine or on the MAX website by clicking HERE.


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