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In connection with the new Xbox, there has been speculation for many months that Microsoft is preparing another revision in addition to Series X, most often referred to as Lockhart or Series S. The console should be less powerful and thus define itself against the current trend, ie introduced during the generation cycle revision, on the other hand, is a little more powerful. It would be an unprecedented step and at the same time an impetus towards competition, which, according to the latest information, remains indifferent to similar experiments. Leaving aside the fact that the PS5 is going to launch in two revisions, which, however, do not differentiate between performance but the presence of an optical drive, Sony is most likely going to repeat the process it has applied to the PS4 in the next generation. It suggests it anew published patent, mentioning the “scalable design of the CPU and GPU of home console and cloud gaming”, under which the future PlayStation 5 Pro can be safely imagined as one of the possible outcomes.

The patent was registered in the United States at the beginning of last year, but it was not published until four days ago, and when you read it, you will come across a relatively interesting and inexpensive way to increase the performance of your home console. While Sony had to use AMD’s all-new APU for the PlayStation 4 Pro, which can be quite expensive to manufacture as well as incorporate into manufacturing processes, the future PlayStation 5 Pro can build on that scalability and essentially add another graphics chip to an existing lineup . At least that is what the abstract of the patent mentions, which talks about several GPUs between which the total computational load can be distributed. “One GPU controls the video output to HDMI, while receiving information from the other GPU and processing already complete parts,” the patent said. Eventually, it should be possible to combine the processes of both graphics chips together and jump to increase the performance of the entire console.

Some parts of the detailed description of the patent can then also be understood as the preparation of a miniature version of the console, for example for the aforementioned PlayStation Now.

However, we must not forget the “cloud gaming” that appears in the title of the entire patent. Due to other details and already running services, the calculation can be understood as another GPU taken from the cloud, which can support games running directly on PlayStation 5, as well as titles played through the streaming platform PlayStation Now. Some parts of the detailed description of the patent can also be understood as the preparation of a miniature version of the console, for example for the aforementioned PlayStation Now, which would only serve for direct connection via HDMI to TV and subsequent launch of the application, communication with the controller and video output. Other mentions, for example, of increasing the memory of graphics chips, however, bring us back to considerations about strengthening the performance of the basic version of the console and thus the future “Pro” version.

What exactly the patent foreshadows – if anything – is, however, only a topic of speculation and conjecture at the moment, which can only be clarified by Sony representatives in the future. At the moment, it is still true that the PlayStation 5 will arrive during this year’s Christmas holidays in two revisions and the introduced color scheme. Last week we also reported on supposed options to replace the white sides of the whole device, even in this case, however, it is only speculation on the basis of leaked photos, which are also waiting to be confirmed or refuted.

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