[Sony Education Foundation]Notice of “Research Presentation / Class Practice Video” published on the web by elementary and junior high schools and kindergartens that won the best in education and childcare practice papers | Sony Education Foundation

In addition to research presentations and bulletins, elementary and junior high schools will post videos of actual science and life science classes conducted this year and their teaching plans.


The Sony Education Foundation (Chairman Masao Morita) will introduce the wonderful practices of the two schools and two gardens that won the “best” in the education and childcare practice papers in the previous year (2019) to teachers nationwide. For this reason, we will publish video research presentations, PDF versions of research bulletins, videos of actual lessons in elementary and junior high schools, and their teaching plans on the Sony Education Foundation website.

At the “Best School National Convention” and “Best Garden Practice Presentation” held every year, 300 to 500 teachers gathered at the venue school / garden, but this year Was announced on the web in consideration of the spread of infectious diseases. Although it is not possible for children to actually come to see the situation, the daily research and ingenuity of the award-winning schools and gardens will be disclosed to more teachers and educators than usual through videos and videos. By doing so, I hope that it will be useful for the practice of teachers nationwide.

“Research presentation / class practice video” web release

Announcement school / garden (Best award in 2019)

■ Kitakyushu City Fujimatsu Elementary School (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Research presentation (video), research bulletin (PDF), class videos and teaching plans for grades 1 to 6
■ Toyokawa City Southern Junior High School (Aichi Prefecture)
Research presentation (video), research bulletin / teaching plan (PDF), first grade class video
■ Kindergarten attached to Fukushima University (Fukushima Prefecture)
Bulletin of research (PDF), research presentation part (recording) of online presentation held on November 7, 2020
■ Kyoto Municipal Chukyo Moegi Kindergarten (Kyoto Prefecture)
Research presentation part (recording) of the online presentation held on January 26, 2021

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Message from the Jury Chairman
■ “Sony Children’s Science Education Program”
Mr. Yasushi Mitarai / Director of Kyoritsu Women’s Academy School Former Vice-Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

In 2019, which celebrated the 60th anniversary of Sony’s education grant, the lesson practice and research of Fujimatsu Elementary School and Nanbu Junior High School, which won the best school, are widely nationwide, including lesson videos actually taken by the teacher using the web. I am very happy to be able to open it to the teachers. Looking back on the practice, improving the teaching method and improving the teaching ability will lead to the growth of children and students. Please take a look at the daily efforts and ideas of the teachers of the award-winning schools.

■ “Sony Early Childhood Education Support Program”
Hideaki Koizumi / Honorary Fellow, Hitachi, Ltd.

At Fukushima University Kindergarten and Chukyo Moegi Kindergarten, where the state of the research presentation was made public, childcare that respects the independence of children is being developed. You can learn the importance of supporting the growth of children in collaboration with surrounding adults, such as conferences between childcare workers, devising records, and collaboration with parents and the community. It’s a pity that you can’t actually see public childcare, but I’m happy to be able to bring the thoughtful practices of the award-winning gardens to as many people as possible.


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