Songs Like That How They Can Be Popular

JAKARTA, – Musician Ahmad Dhani and other Dewa 19 personnel are confused about why the song “Separuh Nafas” is from the album Five stars can hits until now.

This expression was uttered by Ahmad Dhani when revealing another reason Once Mekel was accepted by Baladewa, the name of Dewa 29’s fans, replacing Ari Lasso’s position.

That’s because of some of the songs that exploded on the market, such as “Half a Breath”.

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“We also did not think that a song like Half of My Breath could be such a hit. We were also confused, how could such a song be so popular,” said Ahmad Dhani as quoted by on the YouTube channel Gofar Hilman, Monday (29/3/2021 ).

The Dewa 19 frontman revealed the process of making “Half a Breath”.

In fact, said Ahmad Dhani, “Separuh Nafas” is Andra Ramadhan’s song. He just wrote the lyrics of the song.

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“So, from the theme Andra created, the idea of ​​drums was like Andra’s. Andra ordered me, ‘The drums are like this, like (song) Come Undone.’ Actually, it’s not like Come Undone, Come Undone is like (band) Milli. Vanilla, it’s really classic, “said Ahmad Dhani.

“And the song arrangement is very simple, the term does not require knowledge of song arrangement like that. But, it is the best-selling song,” Ahmad Dhani continued.

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Even so, Mulan Jameela’s husband said, if there were other musicians imitating it beat of “Half Breath”, it does not determine success.

“We also don’t know, there is something unexpected. We never thought that the song would be the most successful song,” said Ahmad Dhani.


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