Song Joong Ki admits that he fell in love with Jeon Yeo Bin

KOMPAS.comChemistry between actor Song Joong Ki and actress Jeon Yeo Bin in the drama Vincenzo success captivated the hearts of the audience.

In an interview with Edaily, Song Joong Ki openly admitted that he had feelings for his co-star.

Initially, the 35-year-old actor chose the funeral scene which he judged the most memorable of the drama Vincenzo.

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“Since rehearsing (the funeral scene), Jeon Yeo Bin continues to cry. I feel that he is a sincere person. At that time, I fell in love with Jeon Yeo Bin, because his heart is beautiful,” Song Joong Ki said, quoted by Edaily, Wednesday ( 5/5/2021).

In particular, Vincenzo’s drama attracted attention because of his chemistry which is served from the actors and actresses.

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When asked about an actor who has the same character as his true nature, Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband chose Jeon Yeo Bin.

“Jeon Yeo Bin and Hong Cha Young are both very affectionate,” he said.

Previously, Song Joong Ki also chose Jeon Yeo Bin who had it chemistry best with him.

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In fact, Song Joong Ki will not change his choice even though it can disappoint another actor in Vincenzo.

“I personally think he is a very charming character, and I got closer to him while acting together,” said Song Joong Ki.

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