Song Ga-in starts selling tickets for the movie “Song Ga-in THE DRAMA”, which includes a solo concert, from today –Kstyle


Ticket pre-order sales for the first movie “Song Ga-in THE DRAMA” by trot (Korean enka) singer Song Ga-in have started.

The movie “Song Ga-in THE DRAMA” has started pre-order sales today (9th) at 10 am. There is growing interest in whether “Song Ga-in power” will be transmitted not only to the trot world but also to the theater industry.

The movie “Song Ga-in THE DRAMA”, which was produced after a flood of requests to see her concert on the screen, will be released on the 11th. As the preview video was released and inquiries related to pre-order sales were flooded, it emerged as a popular item not only for Song Ga-in fans but also for those who were looking for a special product as a “gift of filial piety” during the Chinese New Year. doing.

The preview video decorated the main advertisement of the front branch of MEGABOX and raised expectations. Film industry insiders hope that Song Ga-in’s films will bring the corona-stricken and tough cinemas to life.

The movie “Song Ga-in THE DRAMA” is a video of her first solo concert “Ga-in Iyora (a dialect of Ga-in)”, an episode of the album production process, and Song Ga-in’s candid impressions and fans who have never talked about it. The movie is as fulfilling as a Chinese New Year gift, even to the feeling of gratitude to convey to.

Above all, the movie “Song Ga-in THE DRAMA” delivers the best experience for those who couldn’t enjoy the concert because of the corona. With the high-quality screen and overwhelming sound of the movie theater, you can feel as if you were watching her concert directly.

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It’s also a great opportunity for people who couldn’t see the concert because of “far away” or “sold out early concert tickets” to enjoy her concert at a nearby movie theater. Due to the corona sickness, not all the spectators can sing together according to the guideline to keep the distance between the seats, but the sense of solidarity with the spectators who are watching together will be 1 cm, and it is expected that they can enjoy together.

The movie “Song Ga-in THE DRAMA” to be released on the 11th is available for pre-order on the MEGABOX website from 10 am today (9th).


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