Sommevoire: the municipal harmony delivered two nice concerts

September, The best of Charles Aznavour, The Lord of the Dance, Chi mai or Hightlights from La La Land, are just some of the pieces of music that the Municipal Harmony offered during its two spring concerts on Saturday April 2 in the evening and Sunday 3 afternoon, in the brand new multipurpose hall of the town.

On the stage or on the stands, around thirty musicians, led by Carine Chatelot, once again offered two superb concerts which were greatly appreciated by the public who came in large numbers to the two performances. Clarinets, saxophones, transverse flutes, trumpets, euphonium, trombone, tubas and percussion were well prepared, with concerts having been canceled in 2020 and 2021.

The concerts were all the more beautiful because they were long overdue despite the desire of the musicians to perform on stage.

The Municipal Harmony of Sommevoire has made its mark for its first concert in the new hall.

On Sunday, the youngest students from the Sommevoire music school and their teacher opened the show. Directed by Anatole Jeanson, they interpreted three pieces including a superb Forrest Gump by Alan Silvestri.

Before the intermission, the president of the harmony, Julien Chambon, accompanied by the mayor of the town, Hubert Descharmes presented medals to several musicians.

Federation Medals

Juliette Chassende (13 years old), Vincent Driat (14 years old), Audrey Dauvet (16 years old), Baptiste Chaput (18 years old), Carine Chatelot, Margot and Patricia Paolucci (19 years old).

Medals of the musical confederation of France

Julien Chambon and Aurélie Robin (21 years old), Jean-Marc Robin (22 years old), Fabrice Leseur (26 years old) and Elise Hauer (32 years old).

Twelve musicians from the band received a medal (one missing from the photo).
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