Solemn Ceremony Awards Personalized Municipal Scholarships in Bryansk

On Tuesday, September 12, a solemn ceremony for awarding personalized municipal scholarships took place in Bryansk. The participants of the event were honored at the children’s art school named after. T.P. Nikolaeva. This was reported by the press service of the city administration.

Personalized scholarships in the regional center are awarded to gifted children, cultural figures, schoolchildren, gymnasium students and lyceum students. The event is traditional. The first scholarship recipients appeared more than ten years ago.

There are three categories for awarding scholarships. Moreover, the number of applicants has increased. Until 2021, 100 students from educational institutions could count on receiving a scholarship in the Education category. Now there are 200 guys.

This season, 100 schoolchildren, 93 students of lyceums and gymnasiums, as well as 7 students of additional education institutions were honored in this category. In the “Culture” category, 30 children and 15 adults received scholarships.

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