Soledad Acuña: «Lisandro Acuña is a pride for the education of the City» | News | Buenos Aires City

Lisandro Acuña is 17 years old and is a source of pride for the City of Buenos Aires. He recently finished his secondary studies at the ORT School. He has an outstanding career and a particular interest in mathematics, science and technology. In the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad which was carried out virtually in 2020 obtained a honorific mention for his good test results.

Lisandro created together with three friends «LectO», a free app that edits texts with special features that make reading and writing easier for people with dyslexia. And in 2021 was selected by the Varkey Foundation among the 50 best students in the world.

In December they confirmed that will have a full scholarship 300,000 dollars (US$80,000 per year) to study Symbolic Systems (Symbolic Systems) at Stanford University, in California, United States. The career he will study combines neuroscience with programming.

Lisandro was able to apply to Stanford with the help of the 2021 Oportunidades scholarship awarded by the United States Embassy.

The “Opportunities” program provides talented and outstanding Argentine students with the possibility of receiving financial aid to apply to universities in the United States. In their meeting today,

Lisandro commented that he is confident that it will be an enriching experience. “My idea later is to return to be able to apply what I learn there to everyday life and help my country.”

Like Lisandro there are many other talented students. From the Government of the City we want to support and accompany them and that they return to Argentina because in the City there is a project for everyone” commented Soledad Acuña, Minister of Education.

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