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Sofar Sounds a Bergamo. Do you want to know what is the coolest musical experience of the moment? The one that allows you to attend a live concert while really listening to who is performing? What is the most intriguing way to get to know the emerging artists of the moment? Attending a secret concert organized by Sofar Soundsa truly engaging way that gives dignity and importance to live music and artists.

What is it about? Find out below.

Sofar Sounds: what it is

Sofar Sounds is a secret concert movement born in London in 2009 from the idea of ​​Rocky Start, Dave Alexander and Rafe Offer as a reaction to the live situation of that time, where the show case that were staged in live music venues did not give space to emerging artists. The three friends realized that the calendars of the performances responded more to the needs of the majors and the various entourages of the artists than from the desire to really propose something new to music lovers.

Start, Alesander and Offer therefore had a brilliant intuition, namely that of making music in private apartments. They understood that making live music in a truly intimate place like an apartment could be the right choice to give that touch of magic to live music. And to make everything even more magical they invented “concerts in secret apartments“. The SofarSounds concerts, in fact, as the name suggests (SOngs From A Room), take place in apartments scattered around the city of which nothing is known until a few hours before the concert. Secret apartments that today are even in 85 cities around the world.

The particularity of Sofar Sounds

The idea caught on and since 2009 over 3,000 artists have performed in the apartments or secret places involved in the initiative. Unlike Secret concerts, which were fashionable a few years ago, Sofar Sound’s focus is not to bring an artist’s fans to meet their favorite. On the contrary: even the name of the musician is secret until the end!

Those who decide to participate in Sofar events have a great passion and respect for music, regardless of the logic of the music market and record promotion. Those who decide to participate in these concerts have all the intention and the will to pay attention to an event that is special and unique. The intimacy that is created between audience and artist is something indescribable, pure magic that warms your heart.

Sofar Sounds also in Italy

It arrived in Italy thanks to Splitgigs ( in mediapartnership with AstarteAgency ( and on 25 November 2013 in Milan, at the Astarte headquarters, the first secret concert of the original movement took place. Londoner.
Almost a year later there were 14 events in 5 cities: Milan, Palermo, Rome, Verona and … Bergamo!

The last three Sofar Sounds in Bergamo took place at the headquarters of a furniture factory, at the former Daste power plant and at the Edonè.

My experience with Sofar Sounds

And today here I am, to tell you about my experience at a Sofar Sound concert, when I too found myself sitting in the audience enjoying a live music organized in London.

The first time I heard about Sofar Sounds I was working for a multinational company and one evening, during a meeting attended by colleagues from all over Europe, someone said that they were organizing a secret concert in their home. I immediately straightened mine antennine and I let myself be told. So I discovered the existence of Sofar Sound. After a few minutes I began to wish I could participate in one of the Sofar events, but it was almost 2 years before I succeeded and the opportunity came in conjunction with yet another trip, this time to Berlin.

It was a super thing that I still remember with emotion. The registration, the invitation and the confirmation without knowing where and who I would have listened to, the email with the directions and finally, a few hours before the concert, the name of the artists. And then the location: a super cool loft in East Berlin. An evening that I will never forget!

When I learned a couple of years ago that they were also organizing in Bergamo, I immediately tried to participate, but I arrived late and there were no more places. This year, however, I did it and if it hadn’t been for the last date change due to the bad weather that fell on an evening when I already had an event scheduled, I would have been able to go there. But I don’t despair: next time, I know it will be the good one.

How to participate in Sofar Sounds events in Bergamo

Sofar sounds Bergamo Daste

To be able to participate in one of the Sofar concerts, just go to the website and fill out the registration form. Once a month the subscriber will receive an email with a real list of the cities that have a concert scheduled for the following month. All he has to do is choose and wait to be invited.

Precisely in this passage lies one of the fundamental points of Sofar’s philosophy: since the Sofar concerts take place in apartments that are made available spontaneously by private individuals, the places available are ‘limited’ to a number that can vary from 30 to 50 people. (depending on the size of the apartment). This means that if there are too many subscribers to a concert, the Sofar organizers will first of all give priority to those who have never been to a Sofar concert. Secondly, to those who in some way can help spread the philosophy: people from the music industry, bloggers, fans, in short, the kind of people who, after the concert, will tell another hundred people “you have no idea where I’ve been there. ‘other evening! ”.

Subscribers will discover via email 48 hours before the secret place of the concert and only once they arrive in the apartment or in the designated place will they understand who the artists are performing. Quality and skill are a certainty guaranteed by the professionalism of Splitgigs and SofarSounds: it does not matter whether they are emerging or established artists, what matters is that they are good.

If this article has intrigued you and you want to try different performance experiences than usual …

Sofar Sounds in Bergamo at Edonè

If this article has intrigued you and you too want to have an experience like the one I told you – and the opposite is impossible – subscribe to Sofar Sounds and invite your friends to do so (each one can register at the most one other event. person). And if you feel more actors than spectators, come forward as a “host” (here) to offer your living room or as a “volunteer” (here) to organize and promote this beautiful magic in your city!

Who goes to Sofar Sounds? Young, curious, music lovers, journalists, bloggers, critics, couples, friends… There is no typical Sofar Sounder: everyone can participate, as long as they love music and enjoy new experiences.

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Notes: the photos come from the official page of Sofar Sound Italia.

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