Social Networks Day: Social networks and minors: how to use them responsibly?


If minors put into practice a series of habits, they will be able to use social networks in a positive and safe way. In this regard, they have to take into account the security settings, the contacts and the publications. If they use responsibly and their attitude towards other users is correct, they will have a positive experience with them.

For minors, social networks are a meeting point for people of the same age.


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Within the framework of Social Media DayWe have already dealt with the risks that minors are exposed to in this type of service. Since identity fraud even cyberbullying or dependenceKnowing these dangers will help prevent the smallest of the house from having a negative experience when making use of social networks.

Social networks: how to use them responsibly?

In this sense, from the National Cybersecurity Institute (Incibe) Spanish note that it is possible use social media positively and safely. Everything will depend on the use that the minor makes of them and their attitude when interacting with other users. To achieve this, it invites you to put into practice the following recommendations:

  • It is important to take into account the characteristics of each platform and its security options.
  • Set the profile as private.
  • Limit the visibility of the publications, as well as the reception of messages and comments, only to the minor’s contacts.
  • Restrict searches inside and outside the social network.
  • Avoid receiving personalized advertising.
  • As a starting point, it is best for minors to only contact people they know (classmates or relatives their age).
  • When publishing a post, minors have to be responsible and try to generate constructive content, with truthful information and based on healthy values.
  • Before sharing someone else’s photo, you must ask their permission. And if once published you change your decision, delete it.

Social Media Day is celebrated every June 30th to recognize the impact of social media on global communication. To get an idea of ​​its magnitude, in the case of Twitter it is estimated that they are published around 500 million tweets a day; namely, 6,000 tweets every second!

On the occasion of the Day of Social Networks, Segurilatam offers a series of didactic contents to your readers. Among them, those dedicated to the dangers that social networks pose for companies and how to use social networks safely in business.

Social Media Day a minor with his smartphone
Minors have to be responsible and publish constructive ‘posts’ on social media.

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