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While accusing Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez of racism since Sunday evening, Neymar is today accused of homophobia according to a video which subtitles his altercation with the Spanish defender. A controversy that adds to other pans of the Brazilian striker.

His transfer to Barcelona in question

The Brazilian tax authorities are claiming 88 million reais, or 14.7 million euros, from the striker of Paris SG in connection with his transfer to Barcelona in 2013 and taxes paid by the player to Santos. While this fine was preemptively frozen by a Brazilian judge last May, that does not mean that the proceedings are over. The Décio judge Gabriel Giménez simply felt that the amount the player must pay is not yet clearly established.

The Brazilian Treasury had already frozen in 2015 nearly 45 million in the player’s assets. Neymar then agreed to pay a fine of only 2.1 million euros after a decision by the Administrative Council for tax appeals. In 2018, a new intervention by the Brazilian Treasury had raised the fine to the current 88 million reais.

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The transfer of the Brazilian from Santos to Barca is marred by many irregularities according to the Spanish justice, which sued Neymar and Barca for fraud and corruption. Barça had officially quantified the transfer of the player from the Brazilian club Santos at 57.1 million euros: 40 million for Neymar’s family, 17.1 for Santos. But according to Spanish justice, it actually cost at least 83.3 million.

In conflict with FC Barcelona

Since his departure for Paris SG in the summer of 2017, the Neymar clan and the Catalan club have been engaged in a legal battle. Everything starts from an extension bonus signed by Neymar in 2016 which offered him 8 million per year until 2021. On July 1, 2017, the Brazilian star had therefore received 16 million euros but a month later he was heading to Paris SG for 222 million euros.

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The Catalan club therefore felt aggrieved and filed a complaint for breach of contract while claiming the restitution of premiums and 8.5 million damages. Neymar then saw his complaint rejected. The Brazilian is still claiming 6.5 million euros from the Catalans for the dispute with the Spanish tax authorities related to the financial arrangement made by Barça during his transfer to Santos.

The Spanish tax authorities on his heels

If Neymar does not have the golden balls of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he nevertheless shares points in common with the two best players in the world: the prosecution for tax fraud in Spain.

According to the Iberian newspapers, the tax authorities are claiming 35 million euros from the Brazilian to erase his debt, which includes unpaid bills and taxes not declared between 2013 and 2017. In 2017, the Brazilian resided more than half of the year in the Kingdom and therefore had to declare all of his income which he did not do.

A rape charge

In August 2019, a Brazilian by the name of Najila Trindade accuses the footballer of having raped her in a Paris hotel in May 2019. The player confirmed having met the young woman but has always denied the accusations against him. even being the victim of a trap. The case has since been closed in Brazil but this case has tarnished the image of the footballer.


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