Soai University ATC Concert: Osaka Nanko ATC

Soai University ATC Concert

event date
July 30, 2017 (Sun)

~ (13: 00 ~ / 15: 00 ~ (2 performances for 30 minutes each))


Central Atrium on the 2nd floor of ITM Building

Free viewing

☆ ★ This event has ended ★ ☆
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・ Detective Conan Main Theme
Composed by Koo Ono/Arranged by tkshr
・ 100% courage Nintama Rantaro theme
Composed by Koji Makaino / Makoto Hiroshige
・ From Ghibli
(City with a view of the sea, Country Road, Always With Me) Others

Cast: Soai University Faculty of Music Woodwind Quintet

Flute Saki Tokuyama / Oboe Miyuki Omatsu
Clarinet Noriko Kataoka / Bassoon Ki Sayami
Horn Tomoko Nakamura (IV)


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